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Bruno The Dog Who Walks 4 Miles Every Day Just To Greet Everyone In The Town

Dogs are the most compassionate creatures ever.

We all are aware of the fact that dogs are the sweetest and the most caring animals out of them all. There is no arguing in that the dogs are human’s best friends, there is no other animal who shows so much concern and affection towards human beings as dogs do. It is either these creatures find humans extremely endearing or they are very kindhearted. The dogs are literally creatures of love besides the fact that they are such lovable creatures themselves, they thrive on love and attention only. You give them love once and they will never forget you. In fact, they will spend their whole life protecting you, caring for you and returning that little sweet favor by loving you thousand times more passionately in return. I do not think that we humans possess the kind of love or passion that can match up to that of a dog, they are just superior to us in that case. We can do so much for our beloved pet dogs but trust me it still could not be enough compared to the purest and most genuine love they offer us.


They make their owners their foremost priority. It is as if they live, breathe and do anything just for their owner’s happiness. I think that kind of crazy love is incomparable and no one can reach that level. We came across a similarly sweet and heartwarming story of an extremely lovely dog named Bruno. He walks 4 miles every day into the town just to say hi to everyone. How sweet, right? What is more surprising is that he has been doing that for the past 12 years punctually. I swear these creatures are always doing stuff to inspire us and teach us how to love properly. Keep on scrolling down to read the whole story of Bruno in detail…

1. Meet Bruno, the sweetest doggo ever. Someone captured this picture of him as he walks towards the town routinely.

This sweet dog Bruno is also known as ‘The Wandering Dog’. From a very young age, he started traveling into Longville, Minnesota. Bruno was actually rescued from the streets by this kind gentleman known as Larry LaVelle. A passerby mistook Bruno for Larry’s dog about 12 years ago and gave Bruno to him. Despite the fact that Bruno was not Larry’s lost dog but he still decided to keep Bruno with him. Although it was extremely difficult to domesticate Bruno just like that. He loved going on his own everyday journeys and Larry’s attempt to chain him down only made Bruno even more desperate to go out. He was not one to be tamed. Larry had to get used to people calling him to inform him about how they have found his dog again, his only answer to them was that he is a ‘wanderer’ because of how often that happened. Larry also got used to the confusion he would hear in the tone of the person on the ender end when he would simply just tell them to let Bruno go. It is quite obvious that Bruno is different from most of the dogs and Larry was aware of the fact that he was perfectly capable of making long journeys all on his own. Keep on scrolling down to read more about Bruno.

2. Here is Bruno greeting his favorite people.


The residents of Longville eventually got used to seeing Bruno strolling around the town all the time. He also had favorite spots that included the ice-cream shop, city hall, library, several grocery stores and the office blocks. To his joy, he would be met with meat scraps there. Everyone in the town loved Bruno so much that they all mutually decided to name him the town’s dog and even so much as designed a whole wooden statue of him out of pure love. If you are interested to watch his full story in detail, here is the link to the video: Is your dog a wanderer or stay-at-home? Is your dog friendly or a picky one? Tell us in the comments down below…


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