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Man Who Doesn’t Own A Cat, Finds A Cat In His Garage, Gets Adopted By The Cat

A stranger cat was found lurking around in a random guy’s garage, and the person enjoyed every moment of her presence.

Cats are very adventurous animals. They rarely like to sit around and take a chill pill. They are always roaming around, be it their owner’s house, a foster home, or even the main streams.


Cats are very fearless. They wouldn’t mind taking a stroll out of their owner’s house but that fearlessness sometimes results in a situation…let’s just say that she should be thankful she chose the right house to wander in.

This one cat decided to wander around, out of her owner’s house and ended up in a total stranger’s garage. God knows how long was the kittie sitting in that garage.

Steve Hamel, owner of the house, that same day decided to fix his broken jeep in the garage. He is a photographer and likes to capture a lot of moments which is exactly why this beautiful story exists.

Steve opened the bonnet of his jeep and started the repair process. And after some time into the whole process, he realized a spare part move all by itself. He got out to investigate and soon as he did, a lovely, gorgeous brown cat jumped right on top of his car’s engine.

“I’m just trying to fix my jeep. I don’t even own a cat.”, said Steve.

Let’s check out this amazing story of how Steve treated this stranger cat.

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The kittie sure had some Peek-a-Boo skills up her sleeves as she quickly jumped onto the car’s engine to meet Steve.

Looking at how the cat was looking so well-groomed, he instantly knew that she has lost her way and definitely has an owner.

As we said, cats are adventurous creatures, this long-haired ginger girl was probably on the hunt for a nice adventure too. So Steve decided to grant her the wish and hired her as an assistant to fix the jeep. What a guy!

“Boss, I think I have located the causality of this whole issue and we might be able to resolve the major problem at hand.” Easy Kitty, it’s just an informal job!


The kitty was quick to connect with Steve as she kept wandering around his garage, sometimes making a mess, and sometimes carefully passing the big obstacles of spare parts. Steve.

Steve knew he had to take the cat back to her owners but there were no name tags on her. He added, “If we are unsuccessful, we will be keeping the cat. She is quite a love.”

Steve said that she really likes to cuddle with him and sit on his shoulder and loves to take a ride of the whole house. He mentioned that she doesn’t have a full set of claws yet which kinda makes it a painful experience of carrying her around on his shoulder. But, his work jacket works as a perfect protection layer and it allows him to have her on his shoulder for as long as the kitty wants!

Steve, you have got to stop being this cute!

“Give me attention hooman. Jeep can wait.”



Once the cute little ginger had exerted all her energy on this new adventure, she found a nice fitting toolbox to lay down in and rest.


Steve decided to bring the cat in and let his family meet her. His daughter was quick to give her a name, Sally.

The whole family was taken spellbound by Sally. Her cute expressions made everyone want to own her instantly. The family decided to go ahead and buy some supplies for Sally and they even gave her a new name tag.

Steve being a photographer, had a naturally creative personality. And he decided to share this amusing story of Sally on his Facebook page. The internet was quick to share it all over social media and make the post go viral.

And soon enough, the Facebook post reached the real owners of Sully, who actually did not live too far away. Although with a heavy heart, Steve knew exactly what he had to do.

Sally jumped on Steve’s shoulder for one last time, to begin the journey back home. 🙁



It really is a roller coaster of emotions up till now but Steve was really happy when he arrived at the owners’ house.

He said, “We found the owners. These lovely people were reunited with their beloved cat. They lived right around the corner from us and had many heartwarming photos of the cat playing with their daughter. It felt good to reunite them even though it was heartbreaking at the same time. Although I have a heavy heart, I know we did the right thing.”

The owners seem to like they can’t contain their emotions for having their daughter back. Great job Steve!


Steve was very satisfied with his gesture, but sooner or later, the sadness was bound to kick in. In that very little time, their cute little Sally had left a huge positive mark on their lives. And it was getting really hard to move on.

After a deep discussion with his family, they all together decided that the only way to fill this gap was to adopt a cat.

“Since we had a cat-shaped hole in our hearts, we decided to adopt.” All the heart emojis in the world are less to justify this decision!


Steve said that this black cat was quick to steal their hearts and they instantly knew that it is the one. They decided to name her Sally 2.0, in memory of Sally. This seemed perfect. Everything connected and fell just in place.

They are getting along very well. She is really happy with the affection she is getting from the Hamel family. Sally 2.0 is now one of them. Steve had this to say about his new member of the family,

“She’s super sweet and black cats less likely to be adopted than other cats.”

We wish the very best to both Sally and Sally 2.0 in their future life adventures. Just try to stay in bounds. We hope you really liked this heartwarming story. Share your thoughts and opinions regarding how you felt, in the comment section below! Do you have a Sally in your life? Because after this, we want one.


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