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An Extra Dose Of Pawmusing Cat And Dog Tweets To Make Your Day

The best kind of tweets are the ones that talk about cats and dogs.

Pet owners have so much to talk about when they sit together. They have similar experiences. When the pet owners meet on Twitter, guess what they talk about? Their pets, right? Our pets keep us busy, do the little things that make us happy and so much more that surprises us. Pets are smart and learn new things from you, so never try to play them. You might put an alert camera in your house to keep an eye on your dog so that whenever he barks, you could talk to him. But, little do you know, your doggo is smarter than you. He would bark at the camera all the time to seek your attention. That’s how pets are. Unpredictably smart! If you are having a bad, then you are just at the right place because we have a pawmusing collection of cat and dog tweets that are going to lift your mood. Scroll down for hilarious cat and dog tweets.

1. Your dog has figured things out.



Via @WesleyLowery

2. Cat shifting into another dimension:


Via @MatthewTPritt

3. Can we all take a second to appreciate this cat?


Via @SeanKeany_

4. When you are late to work:


Via @glennis_menace

5. Cat owners life:


Via @thegallowboob

6. That’s how you talk to your dog:


Via @SlimiHendrix

7. When a cat meows at you, meow back.

Via @adviceburner

8. We have just found a hero cat:


Via @gwenckatz

9. When you are the owner of cats and a puppy:

Via @BudrykZack

10. Nothing suspicious, she’s just sitting there.


Via @Matarael

11. That moment when you are scrolling and find a cat picture:

Via @drivingmemadi

Pet owners’ favorite thing is seeing a pet picture. Whether it is of a dog or a cat. They are obsessed with pets and find pet stuff amusing. Well, we all live for cat and dog memes and tweets that make our mood so much better. Cats and dogs are innocent beings. They can’t hurt you; they only have love to offer. Scroll down for more hilarious cat and dog tweets.

12. We don’t want our doggos to get infected.


Via @SenatorMeow

13. How every cat owner sounds:

Via @clapifyoulikeme

14. Why so scared?


Via @ben_rosen

15. The best job you can get:

Via @larsonrichard

16. When your hooman has a cute surprise for you at home:


Via @WholesomeMeme

17. Two parties are making a deal here:

Via @RussianMemesLtd

18. List of bad dogs:



19. How can you even disturb a cat?

Via @Shappikhorsandi

20. Open the door.


Via @fairydreamys

21. What a top-rated tourist attraction looks like:

Via @danieltilles1

We can relate to these cat and dog tweets. We share the same thoughts about our pets. Comment down to let us know which of these tweets were your favorite? Did they make you laugh?


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