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19 Cat Owners Who Got Along With Their Pets Perfectly

The fight between cat people and dog people will never end because both of these pets are amazing in their own unique way. We can’t really put one above the other, right? Well, that’s just my opinion because I don’t own either of them. People who own cats can come up with 100s of reasons why cats are better than dogs and dogs owners can do the same. That is why, I guess this debate can never end! But, today we’re going to be talking about cats! Yes, cats.


Cats are these amazing wittle fur-balls that roam around your house like they are the ones who own it. When you decide to get a cat, you should also be ready to share everything and anything with them. Because now you have a partner who is not ready to discuss the idea of personal space, well they don’t even believe in the concept of personal space as long as you’re the one who wants it. Because when your cats wants its personal space, it will not compromise in any way. Cats are aloof and mischievous like that. If you are really deciding to get a cat, we have a lot of advices for you, apart from that, we can also help you in learning how to treat your cats in the kindest way!

Today we have this amazing article for you, which will actually change your world. And after this article, you might fall in love with your cat even more! Some amazing cat owners shared their amazing deeds and experiences with us, which we would love to share with you. This will definitely make you really happy! Scroll down and read.

1. Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen??

“My friend got her old cat a kitten.”

2. Who knew cats can be handy too…


“I need 2 hands to eat. My Smokey was okay with working as a phone holder for a while… He sat like this for about 10 minutes.”

3. Cant do puzzles with the cat being around…


“My wife just wanted to do her puzzle without being bitten.”

4. Someone just wants a piggy back ride!


“I got a backpack so my cat can sunbathe. Today, she doesn’t want to be on a leash.”

5. Well Lilly, drive carefully…


“My left hand is on the steering wheel and my right hand is on my kitty.”

6. Pampering your cat level 100..


“My cat’s new living room is cozier than my own.”

7. Who is this lil macho cat?


“I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn’t get chilly with the A/C on. It seems that now, he feels pretty macho.”

8. Who owns this couch now?


Well I guess it is pretty clear, who owns the couch!

9. The award for most amazing cat owner goes too….


“When I’m going away for a few days, I sing to my cat through messenger. She started falling asleep in front of the camera waiting to hear my voice. So cute.”

10. It is a win-win situation!


Cat has her own dummy keyboard. Guess they both are happy!

Aren’t all these stories really amazing? These cat owners surely know how to keep their cats satisfied and happy. Also I guess this article has helped us understand our cats better. Do you want more ideas of how you can keep your cats happy? Just scroll down and see.

11. Cat won’t let go of this laptop anytime soon..

Two laptops because you will not be able to work with one when you have a cat around!

12.  Obsession level = 101..


“My girlfriend’s cat has decided he’s obsessed with me and now, we wake up like this every morning.”

13. Precautions you need to take when you have a cat…

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You can’t just randomly sit on a pillow when you have a cat…

14. Stretch’em paws!


“My cat likes it when we help him stretch. And he started sticking out his tongue when we do it for him.”

15. How cute is this kitty-hippo duo!

“I took this hippo home together with my kitten. The animal shelter said that they would only leave together.”

16. You know the love is real when…


“My cat is obsessed with these cheap springs. But they come with sharp ends that need to be trimmed off with nail clippers.”

17. Safety first!

When you know your cat a little too much..

18. Guess who changed their opinion about cats?


This cat definitely knows how to win someone over.

19. Love how happy and excited this leetul bubba is!

“I took my cat to the park for leash training. Yesterday was the first time he climbed a tree.”

Cats are very aware of how they want to be treated. They know they are the real bosses! And how they should not be treated like anything less. These adorable babies are irresistible and we love them! What did you learn from this article? What was your favorite story? Let us know it the comments section below!

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