20 Wholesome Photos Of Animals That Show They Need Us More Than We Think And Vice Versa

We humans have the capability and long limbs to help ourselves when in need. Therefore, we don’t necessarily rely on others around us for such dependence. But on the other hand, our lovely pets never fail to amuse us with the things and situations they get themselves stuck into.


Our pets can sometimes be a bit too overwhelming for us due to their habit of messing things up. Funnily enough, even the pristine, sophisticated cats who act all independent, will end up getting stuck somewhere ending up seeking help from their owner. Dogs on the other hand are sensitive and vulnerable, so even if they need help, they never seem to feel ashamed to ask for assistance.

These are 20 hilarious moments where our pets weren’t afraid to ask for help, rather the look on their faces shows the urgency of the need for help needed. Scroll down and check it out!

1. The three cute dogs need the ultimate help from their three buddies.

Via © snmnc123/reddit

“Myself (middle), my brother (left), and my best friend (right) with our puppy siblings we just adopted”

2. He is just too happy to completely express his emotions, so he has his tongue out.

Via © YESimaM***HOLE/reddit

“My buddy is a sweet super derp. He just got adopted!”

3. When you’re so blindsided to the optimistic possibilities in life and just think negatively.

Via © BoxxySnail/reddit

4. ‘Sir, I please need your help to let me in, it is a humble request’

Via © RuneFell/reddit

“My parents’ cat forced open a patio door and ran away. 5 months later, he very much regretted his life choice.”

5. Look at the face, just play with him, he just wants a play buddy.

Via © Lewdvamp/reddit

“Every morning, he waits near his toy box for me to play with him.”

6. We all get scared of some form of height too. It’s okay.

Via © supercj926/reddit

“This was my indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights and he instantly regretted it.”

7. This is truly heartwarming to see both your kids, peaceful and loving one another. So much acceptance for the other sibling.

Via © BufordTeeJustice/reddit

8. When you get into a mess it’s too hard to get out off, but everything is good too.

Via © CanibusIII/reddit

“My dog thought he was stuck. So we pretended to pull him out and all was good.”

9. He is really regretting the mistake he made, he seems apologetic, let us just let him in.

Via © JohPope/reddit

10. They were busy playing hide and seek but seems like he didn’t know about half of his body showing.

Via © HanShotFirst18/reddit

11. Maybe that’s a lesson to not repeat her mistakes.

Via © hereforfun1001/reddit

“She stepped on a cactus and needed help down the mountain.”

12. The dog surely didn’t know what appropriate reaction she should be giving.

Via © pockette_rockette/reddit

“My dog farted. She gags and looks to me for help.”

13. They both are having a moment, let us cherish the love cats do express, once in a blue moon.

Via © parisburnscp/reddit

“I work at a cat shelter. These are the ’can we keep him?’ photos I sent to my partner. It worked.”

14. The dog really just needs someone to hug him and give him the loving he desires.

Via © WikidTechn9cian/reddit

15. All the pup wants is someone to assist him while he has dinner at the dining table.

Via © Mirror_Opposite/reddit

16. All you need is the cute owner to change the world for adoptees.

Via © Clouderr/imgur

“Before and after being adopted — just knowing that someone wants you can make all the difference.”

17. Such a manly man, with such a tiny little kitten. Everyone has a soft corner for cute pets.

Via © BaconOpinion/reddit

18. They are like the cute baby duckling following their mom.

Via © Post-Bologn/reddit

“Little guys just ran right up to me. Followed me everywhere I went.”

19. That is why you’re not supposed to scratch the sofas, karma can be a little bit of a pain.

Via © asian_scouse/reddit

“She wasn’t meowing for help when I found her. Just sitting awkwardly as if nothing’s wrong. ”

20. Dogs are just too loyal to leave them and not wait at the door for their owner.

Via © DutchieWen/reddit

“I told my dog my father would come over to visit in a while. My dog adores my father and patiently waited till he was there.”

With all these 20 posts, one thing is common, they all had that look on their face which was just too adorable. But at the same time, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below


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