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26 Heartwarming Stories Of Cat Owners Reuniting With Their Cats Years After They Disappeared

Meeting your furry friend after years of being disappeared seems like a miracle.

A pet means everything to a pet owner. You can’t imagine staying away from them for a second. What if they get disappear? You find them but fail. Years pass by like this and you almost lose every hope to find them again. Then, a miracle happens and you finally get to meet your long-lost best friend. Your furry friend! It’s emotional to see your lost pet after a long time. Today, we have 26 stories of the cat owners who lost their cats and their reactions were heartwarming when they first saw their cats after so long. Scroll down to read.

1. She lost her cat one year ago. She got a call from one of the shelters yesterday, telling her they have found her cat. Microchips actually work!

Source: boooof

2. Robert reunited with his 19-year old cat after 7 whole years. Thanks to microchips.


Source: Ventura County Animal Services

Robert was planning to move from California to Ohio for work right before his cat disappeared. After he lost his cat, he decided to stay in California and search for his cat. Robert couldn’t move on and wanted his Chebon (his cat) back at any cost. 7 years later, a woman found an ill cat on the streets. She took it to the vet. The cat had a microchip and they instantly knew who was the owner of this missing cat. Robert was contacted and when he met his cat, he burst into tears. This beautiful moment was captured by the animal shelter.

3. A couple lost their cat. After one year, the couple found the cat while they were on their bike ride. The cat came to them crying as if she has been finding them the whole time.


Source: JohnnyBeFree

4. Janet Adamowicz spent one-year searching for her cat everywhere. After 13 years, she got a call from the vet. When she got to the vet, she was surprised to see her cat there.


Source: SWNS

5. This cat was missing for 536 days. He came running to his owner when he saw her.


Source: Mindy Criner

What a beautiful moment! He was missing for 536 days. Owner Mindy searched him everywhere and almost lost the hope that they will ever find him. One day, she got a voicemail from animal control. When she reached the address, the cat came running to her.

6. My friend went to a local animal shelter and found her cat there who was missing for a whole year.


Source: sweeetniblets

7. Meet Ozzy. He was missing for a whole year. He came back to his owner and meowed.


Source: ThenTheWingedHussarsArrived

8. Reunited with family after 11 years. She still responds to her original name.


Source: Lost and found pets all Sheffield areas

9. Moose, the cat was missing for 4 years. A kind family took it to his owner after checking the microchip.


Source: SpiicyPanda

This family fed Moose for two weeks or more but he was missing for almost four years. He was much fatter than before so the owner thinks he must have been a house cat for the past 4 years. Well, thanks to the microchips.

10. After 11 years of being missing.



The owner named this cat, T-shirt. He was missing for 11 years. He was living in an apartment after disappearing. A resident came to the vet to get him checked as he was injured. The vet scanned the chip and the owner was contacted. The cat and the new guy have been living together so the original owner allowed him to pet T-shirt. We hope you get to meet him more often.

11. Reunited after 14 months. He was fatter than before, turned out he has been living in a pet food factory.

Source: SWNS

12. Cat found after 1.5 years.


Source: hurricanekarina

Meet Princess, she was an indoor cat. She went outside one day and never came back again. The owner assumes she was catnapped as she was found today one hour drive from exactly where she was taken. She was rescued by a lady who took her to the vet and got her all cleaned. She was in a good condition.

13. Reunited with owner after 14 years. He lost in Martin country during the 2004 hurricane.

Source: wptv

14. Arya was missing for almost 3 years ago. She was found healthy as ever.


Source: Lectre

She must have been in safe hands.

15. After missing in Australian bushland for three years, she came back to her owners.

Source: seedyrom247

16. She disappeared for 18 months.



17. They found her back finally.

Source: Shbenj

A couple owned two cats. One of them got out and never came back. They found her everywhere but had no luck. They checked every vet and the local shelters but failed. At the start of December, just before the owner’s birthday, he got a call from Animal Aid saying “We have your cat”. This was the best birthday surprise anyone ever gave him.

18. She was found 1200 miles away and got reunited with her owner after 5 years.


Source: sfhumanesociety

19. Got home after 10-years.

Source: waaytv

20. Congratulations! Tom-Tom has been found.


Source: UtahMomsLife

21. Two friends are reunited after 7 years.

Source: Freetimetoplay

22. Returned home after 2 years.


Source: hi-scores

They received a call from the vet “we have your cat”. Wow, what a lovely moment it must have been for the cat owners who longed for him for so long.

23. After 8 years of being missed, this kitty has finally come home.

Source: Piepuppy

24. Long lost friend found after 18-months.


Source: crackkkajack

25. He was out of town when his cat got missing. He searched her everywhere and found her in a shelter but she was adopted now. He thought to himself that his friend of 12-years has been gone but then he received a mail from the new owner and finally they met each other again.


26. The excitement level when you find your missing pet after 5 years:


Source: ngvhi

Microchips have reunited so many pets. Thanks for their existence. Make sure to chip your pet so that you don’t have to go through the loss of your lovely pet. It’s not easy living without your furry friend. Has your cat ever disappeared? If yes, have you found it? We wish every cat owner whose cat has been missing finds their cat back.


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