17 Wholesome Cat Pics That Will Win Your Heart

Anything related to cats is a joy.

The cat is one of, if not the most amazing animal in the world. You know got has created very less things or beings that you can refer to as perfect. Cats are one of those beings. And this is statistically proven as well. Cat is the most adopted animal in the world. 2.1 million cats get adopted every year, they beat the dogs by 100,000. So that is established.


There is something very special about cats, they tend to remove all stress from the life of those they love. The requirement here is the cat has to love you in order for this to happen. And it is not an easy process, it takes time for a cat to develop that trust which is required to form that inseparable bond. But trust me, if you are one of the lucky ones, you are in for an amazing ride till that bond remains alive. When the cat adopts you and receives affection in return, it makes sure no matter what happens, its owner stays happy, healthy, and protected. And they can be very possessive about it.

Cats will enchant you with their beauty, make you laugh with their dumbness, surprise you with their mischieve, make you feel loved with their caring and snuggle abilities, and annoy you with their Darkside. Keep your furniture safe, that’s pretty much all you need to worry about, rest you’re in the cat if you have a cat at your home.

For those who do not own cats, the internet is there to provide them with all those adorable and unique moments, thanks to the cat owners. So let’s enjoy some of those amazing and funny cat moments.

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1. So kitty, you decided to sign a deal with this cat food company and did the shoot as well without informing your owner? That’s some heavy duty independence.

Via u/whotookthenamezandl

2. This person’s children have to do 15 voluntary hours at animal shelters every semester. One of them landed a position at a cat shelter and they are well over their 15 hours. They are loving it.


Via u/Rebel_bass

3. This person found a cat all by itself in rain. They fed the mustache cat and provided them shelter from rain and are planning to adopt it.


Via u/bluehansship

4. Woah this cat looks like a young cheetah cub. Does anyone have an idea what breed this is?


Via u/psychosakuta

5. Meet Dexter. Can you notice what he is famous for? The infamously long tail..


Via u/jubileesoph

6. This person went to sleep and woke to this adorable sight. And no, they do not own a cat, it is their neighbors.


Via u/sami73

7. Can you tell this feline wants attention 24/7 and not a second less than that.


Via u/godblesstheabortion

8. This is Logan. He was put on a diet by his vet and now constantly annoyed his parents in the middle of the night craving food.


Via u/bpenni

Cats are life. They bring eternal joy to the lives of those they live with. It doesn’t cost much, just unlimited love and unconditional affection. And watch the magic happen. These moments are amazing and I can’t wait to dive into more.

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9. Meet the cat with a lot of smudges, Smudge.


Via u/MarbleousMel

10. “Name this band?”


Via u/Heisenberg9322

11. “This is my standard-issue cat breed, who has a name, isn’t dying or dead, and still has all four limbs and a tail!”

Via u/Suck-my-Rooster

12. “Should I be worried about the black spot in my cat’s nose?”


Via u/Mirracled

13. “My cat has been doing this to my boyfriend ever since he cut his hair why does he do this?”

Via u/siliconcog

14. “Introducing the kittens to their German Shepard sister”


Via u/Born_Cartoonist_6666

15.  “This young lady got hit by a car a few weeks ago, she’s been doing great throughout her recovery.”

Via u/pinkpurrple

16. “Our kitten is a big daddy’s boy if you can’t tell already”


Via u/Strawberry_jess

17. “My sweet old man has bad arthritis in his back legs. Any tips to make him feel better?”

Via u/shaaane92

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