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A Purrfect Compilation Of Cats To Give You Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness

It’s a Hurrah for all the cat people today because we not only have a collection of them but the cutest ever pictures that will make your heart swoon. These are just some of the most adorable pictures you will ever come across, not only that but the stories shared behind these pictures are even more adorable.

The people who adopt kitties have a natural talent of being funny, I have seen it quite sometimes now. Cats turn out to be exactly their owners, if the owners are sassy, you have no idea how arrogant the cat would be and if the owners are playful, the cats will be the dorkiest little thing to exist. Today we are going to show you a thread of 18 adorable cats that have the funniest and dorkiest stories, they are not only the cutest most beautiful cats in the world, but they are also goofiest. Let us all take a look at their stories!

1. What a beautiful kitty!

via  u/KeyserSozeWearsPrada

“It’s my old blind kitty’s one-year adoptiversary!”

2. Up goes the tail!

via u/ellie1398

“Our shameless guiltless adorable asshole cat after she bit through a Christmas lights cable and stopped the electricity in the whole apartment.”

3. What are you gonna do when they look at you like that?

via u/kalypsovixen

“Names for this beauty at the shelter I volunteer at???”

4. What are you looking at?

via u/Myeonmeows

“my mom keeps calling her ugly after she got a white Persian cat :(”

5. Two peas in a pod!

via u/HabitRage

“It’s still the best Christmas pic I have of them…”

6. The choice is simple!

via u/gymlabrat

“My girl made me choose between her or my cat He’s getting a new collar next week!”

7. Lucky you!

via u/VideoPlush2

“My missing cat has been found!”

8. Little boop!

via  u/ent0n_

“Nobody wanted her because she’s old. But guess who’s gonna come home with me soon!”

9. When you see it!

via u/Dorex1599

“Was on a big-budget….. So I made a balcony a cat area. My kitten loves it. But do you guys think it’s good enough? 150$ budget as my mum won’t allow :(”

10. Little angel!

via  u/OFMartinPescador

“This is Beethoven, he is deaf, I have to take him for a walk every day between 7 and 9 PM otherwise he meows loudly all night”

11. You probably did something for all of them to look at you that way!

via u/skydogg320

“The latest batch of feral kittens to arrive”

12. He doesn’t like it!

via u/piedcockatiel

“I took my cat to get his hair clipped yesterday and the guy accidentally cut some of his whiskers too. does it hurt them when their whiskers are like this?”

13. The time of his life!

via  u/BuyDizzy

“Found out my cat likes plastic bowls on her head. So now this is a thing.”

14. When you know you’re next…

via u/R9_Solar

“Cat names??? (Harry Potter themed)”

15. Moose loves everything…

via  u/GodSpilledAPerson

“Help! My dude, Moose, is about 18 months old and has reverted back to waking me up anywhere between 3-4:30 A.M. How do I get him to stop?”

16. The cat was not really happy!

via  u/Tiffelfman

“Genesis loved the beach.”

17. What a happy family!

via u/Butterflycm

“Christmas photos with our pasta cats (Penne, Spaghetti and Fettucine)”

18. Sleepy little fella!

via  u/Dry-Jellyfish-3908

“Help guys. She’s sleeping on my lap and I’m unable to move. What should I do”

These cat people have had the best time of their lives with their cats, not only do they match their personality but vibe as well. They have yet again proven that cats can be the funniest and goofiest species at the same time. They utilize their nine lives by literally doing the dorkiest and the craziest thing, whether it is jumping off a high surface, or picking a fight with someone much stronger than them. You will always see cats having beef with another cat or their own owners. Cats are built like that.

We have had the best time looking at these goofy and adorable pictures of cats having the time of their life. Let us know what you thought in the comment section below!


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