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14 Cat Posts That Will Spark Joy And Fear Within You At Once

Is it possible to be feared and loved at the same time?

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” Said by the legendary Michael Scott, or should I say Meowchael Scott. This quote defines cats pretty well. Living with a cat is like a rollercoaster ride. If you want to feel 200 emotions within a minute, adopt a cat. They will make you happy, sad, fearful, angry, annoyed, and calm all in a matter of a few seconds. They know they can manipulate our feelings and they play with them. So I guess cats are pretty evil.


How do cats mess with your feelings? Let me give you an example. My cat knows that I get very upset when she walks over my paintings. So she will walk over them and make me angry, and when I take her away from the painting and put her in another room, she will meow till I let her out because I feel bad, and then she will cuddle with me as a form of apology. Master manipulators, I tell you. So if you want to experience these mix of emotions as well, scroll down below for these cat posts:

1. The best kind of comfort.

I got you, fren from r/aww


2. Give this cat dinner. NOW.

3. This cat is two-faced, literally.

Just Cuteness from r/cats

4. What do you mean no sitting on the keyboard?


5. If cats could breathe fire, this is exactly what they would do.

6. Did your cat just burp?

@nickyadhd♬ original sound – nickyadhd

7. He’s excited to see you!

@orionsankletwhenever i leave bernie alone for more than an hour he WILL yell at me ##catsoftiktok ##fyp ##blackcat ##meow♬ original sound – orionsanklet


Okay, I laughed and cried within a few seconds. What sorcery is this?! Honestly, we can’t put cats under one category. We can’t say that they are wholesome, and we can’t say they are a**holes either. Because if we start believing in any of that, they will just prove us wrong and we start questioning everything we know about them. Scroll down below for the rest of the cat posts:

8. “You like what you see.”

Trying to distract me from work as per usual from r/cats

9. Why aren’t my delivery guys this cute?

Your delivery has arrived, you need to pay meow from r/cats


10. Isn’t that Donkey from Shrek?

After having a tooth out today my cat decided to use her fish dinner as false teeth from r/aww

11. Why was this so satisfying?

@sfram1218This is my favorite sound Tea wasn’t as excited ##cat ##kitty ##lesbian ##duo ##foryou ##foryoupage ##TooManyShoes ##BiggestFan ##NotTheOne ##gay ##lgbt♬ original sound – the.badison

12. They balance each other.


13. Mine would sleep on the floor even if I made her that.

Well it’s not done yet… but I’m pretty proud about the result. What do you guys think? from r/cats

14. The truth can be bitter.

What did you think about these cat posts? How did they make you feel? Let us know in the comments below!


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