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40 Cat Showing Their Adorably ‘Deadly’ Claws

Cas love to make a mess of things.

They especially like tearing up the place or adding a few well-placed scratches on your beloved sofa. And the thing that helps them achieve this is their sharpened claws. No matter how much you love them, there isn’t a cat owner in this world, whose arms don’t look like they went through the mincer.


Even if you get them a scratching post, it is highly unlikely that they will use it. Instead, they will either go for your expensive bed or even your face. I have no idea why they do this but we as their butlers always endure. Unless you decide to de-claw your cat which safe to say is ultimately an inhumane thing to do.

Cat declawing is also illegal in many other European countries, as well as Brazil, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. It stops them from scratching the furniture but this unethical and essentially an act of mutilation to modify the cat for our benefit. –Cats Protection

Source: Reddit

#1 A precious and small bean.

When you’re trying to look like a murderous cat and end up stealing hearts. -chi-wei shen

#2 A cat meets the world.


#3 Playing peek-a-boo.


This should be framed. -Dianna Siever

#4 Just look at that ferociousness.


#5 No bigger than a finger.


Get that baby a scratching post. -Dianna Siever

#6 When claws aren’t enough.


It’s unfortunate for you hooman that you don’t have 9 lives. -Houssem Hammami

#7 Anyone can get lost in those eyes.


It’s the great Halloween cat, Charlie Brown! -Raine Soo

#8 I’m guessing she didn’t make the mess?



#9 Press to activate the claws.


Murder button. -Nadine Bamberger

#10 When your cat is a half bat.


#11 Ready to take a leap of faith.

Cats often scratch and stretch when they wake up, so you can try placing their scratching post near their bed. Every cat should have their own scratching post, positioned in a different place to avoid conflict.

Some scratch posts are infused with catnip. Alternatively, you can try rubbing quality catnip on the post to entice them or put a few pieces of cat food on the post.

Playing with your cat a little and often throughout the day may help redirect their energy away from scratching. -Cat Protection

#12 Trying to grab your food.


#13 One evil-looking stare coming up.

#14 Why does this look like a statue?


#15 No blanket is safe from a cat’s wrath.

It may be enigmatic, but it is undoubtedly a very charming and accurate minimalistic portrait catching the personality of the photographer’s beloved pet. -Monika Soffronow

#16 Feed them or you’ll get hurt.


#17 ‘Look at my beautiful nails!’

With the various shades of grey (no pun intented) in this photo, this kitty looks like a pencil drawing. -Raine Soo

#18 ‘Hear me roar.’


#19 A good stretch was all that was needed.

These cats always make me think of Egypt. I don’t even know why or what the breed’s called. -Dianna Siever

#20 A fuffy and surprised kitten.


#21 ‘I will eat you alive.’

Put me down now or I’ll end you! ……pretty please? -Kim Bush

#22 I see no difference at all.


#23 ‘More food please?’

And, made out of adamantium, no doubt. -Raine Soo

#24 ‘Are you ready?’

#25 ‘You’re mine hooman.’

As I was leaving work my coworkers told me I had a cat in my trucks engine bay. Meet Fjord the mighty huntress.

#26 She is thinking of doing it.


#27 ‘Don’t leave me here’.


Just when I thought it was safe to go to the bathroom! (Bandit strikes again!)

#28 Newly formed claws.

#29 She is waiting for the right time.


This one definitely looks like it’s planning something. -Raine Soo

#30 I see no danger here.

#31 A sneaky little kitty.

We have a cookie thief in our midst. -Raine Soo

#32 ‘I will bite your finger off.’


#33 ‘I need to go to the bathroom hooman.’

Don’t shut the door. My cats love to snuggle while i’m on the throne. -Francis

#34 When it’s too late for a good morning.

#35 A little bit of grooming was all that was needed.


Aw that’s love, you’re being groomed/target practice for play! -Lauren Caswell

#36 The perfect jump shot.

#37 The chonky cat is very confused.

The kitty looks fascinated by what it discovered. -Raine Soo

#38 Begging for food or is it an order?


#39 Nails are made for scratching.

Showing off the weaponry. -hrtofdixie

#40 When they don’t want you to be alone.

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