23 Cat Snaps To Light Up Your Day

Cats are nothing but a tiny pile of joy.

Small packet, big bomb. A phrase I am not sure if everyone is familiar with, but we use this so much in our family. Anyone who is tiny in terms of their height and is full of adrenaline, energy, and excitement, we often refer to them as small packet, big bomb. It’s a compliment, for those who were still confused about it. It is to imply that they are at such an amazing level at such a young age. The reason why I introduced this statement to you guys today is that it is relevant to the topic of discussion today. Today we are going to talk about cats. They are tiny, little cuties who fully pack a massive punch. Cats are always pumped with adrenaline, overdosing at times when they malfunction and need to be reset. The reason for this confidence that the cats hold in excess is because they are extremely independent. They do whatever they want to do, the way an adventurous human wants to live his or her life, all the cats live their lives that way like it’s a norm.


Cats are joyous creatures and they bring extreme joy to our lives. To all those who say cats are stubborn and have no heart will be forced to think again after they reach the end of this post so if you are one of those, please stick to the end. The reason why cats don’t behave how you want them to behave is because of trust issues. Cat’s take time to find the loyalty in you so be patient because when they do realize that you are the one, then it’s a happy show for you till the end of time, that cat will devote its life to keep you happy, excited, happy, and healthy.

Today we are going to focus on the joy factor. Cat snaps are the best content one could find on the internet and we have compiled the best of them for you guys today. here are 23 cat snaps that are about to bring joy to your lives.

Ready? Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. They have a massive history of being placed at important openings, they can’t really help it.

You know what, I would get creeped out a bit seeing them positioned like that, I mean what could they possibly be guarding? Is my basement the home to the god of cats?

2. The cat looks like ‘Yo this is so unfair man! I was just in here to have some fun, ruin some repairs and you guys just caught me for no reason’.


I know some lawyers kitty if you want one.

3. Stray, my ass. They have a proper gang back there.


Kinda cute how all the stray cats of the town sort of know each other and quickly communicate it to one other about free food opportunities. Strong bonds!

4. Had it happened once I would have ignored it for a coincidence, those are 3 cats on 2 sheeps, there’s got to be an adrenaline kick in their somewhere.


Perhaps they all are best friends.

5. Yo, it feels like God was very confused when he was creating Paco the caat.

Holy shit, that actually is an exclaimation mark! Which makes every movement of a cat a wow factor!


6. It doesn’t really hit the cats until it absolutely hits the cats. Till then, they don’t have time to give two f**ks about life situations.


Cats have other matters to e serious about like plans to take over the world, to extract and absorb everything contained in a human brain, and more.

7. Damn you, technology. Outsing cats now.


8. I called that one before reading it. Cat’s looking this calm and cute means some proper zoomies are going to visit your house later that day.


Awe, to be real, I could die in those big, adorable eyes. Oceans of love.

9. You don’t really have much options when it comes to cats. You just have to make do with whatever it leaves for you.

Or it is war.


10. When life tells you adopting a cat was your best decision ever.


11. Ever heard of Return on Assets? You keep it high and that indicates that you have made the best and efficient use of all the resources you have.

My God, cat’s are legit on another level.

12. Are you sure you are plant or you are stuck? I think you are stuck.


Cat snaps all day everyday. It never ceases to amaze me, all these cat related stories that their owners tell over the internet. I don’t think a cat owner would ever get bored in life. Cats are the 8th wonder of the world and I pray they stay protected forever.

Let’s enjoy some more joyous cat snaps.

13. Is this cat aware of how adorable and yummy it looks?

No I do not mean THAT yummy.

14. Yes sire, it shows very clearly the number and variety of your cats.



15. You can’t really say anything to them, they had anxiously waited for Dad all day long.

It’s like they consider themselves protectors of the Dad and no one is allowed to come near him unless they take formal permission from the cats.

16. Nothing special here, just some feline trying to figure out how human joyrides work.


17. Dude, have you never heard of cats before? That is exactly how they get you, and you are not allowed out of this contract.

It gets signed automatically.

18. The dog got itself a whole ass cushion, and all it took was affection and love.


This image warms my heart in winters.

19. Well hello there, human. Would you like to come down meet us at the park at 4? We’ll show you around.

They look so amused.

20. Don’t worry, they all come with a reset button. This is a very normal thing.


21. Awe, my heart! I see nothing but tonnes of gratitude and love in those eyes. Human, you are in for a magical experience.

22. Cat’s emotional side is like Internet Explorer, it takes time.


23. Watch. Learn, Adapt. Capitalize. Enjoy Life.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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