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Cat Mom Is Shocked Into Laughter After Kitty Comes Home With A Hysterical Note In Collar

Cats are amazing, I don’t know what we would do without them in this world. These fluffy creatures are just totally amazing. Cats provide us unlimited entertainment and we just love them for it. Cats go out a lot, and when they go roaming they tend to make new friends. Everyone who has a cat can relate to this. Every cat lover who sees a cat roaming around stops to have a little chit chat with this cute creature and once they know that you are their buddy they’ll keep coming back to have some chit chat whenever they are bored around the house. Today we are with a cute story of a kitty who comes home with note in the collar. Meet Jeffery who has been roaming around with his Edinburgh, Scotland neighbors was sent to his mom Jessica Cowan via the naughty tuxedo cat’s very own collar. In that note she read, Jeffery had a friend who cared about his well-being and specially his waistline. Scroll down below to see this beautiful story. We are sure that this story is going to make your day more brighter, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this story.


1. Meet Jeffery who loves to go out and cat around, she is such a beautiful black kitty cat

Jeffery has been living with this family for 9 years. “We adopted him from a family friend because he wasn’t really enjoying the high rise flats he used to live in. They got him from a cat rescue centre in Leith.” They also told that he was a playful kitty with a lot of tricks up his tuxedo sleeves. Well Jeffery has been making few pals around the area. Jeffery came on Monday with a little cute note wrapped around his new corner. Seeing her cat wearing a collar Jessica became fright and wondered who wrote this. “I thought I had let the wrong cat in the house. I was chasing this cat all about the kitchen,” shared Jessica. “I ended up grabbing the cat and noticed it was Jeffrey and cut the note off the collar.”

2. And the note said


The note said “Hi. This cat has owner? He come to me everyday for food, talk, water and sleep. What happened to him on right side chest? All is ok? Much love!”.

It seemed like this beautiful cute kitty cat has been making some friends who care about him. When she read the note she explained that she was shocked to see the note but she started laughing afterwards because she had to take him to the Vet as he was a little underweight due to refusing to eat or drink. So she had to give him antibiotics and she had to shave the patch where he got blood taken. Jessica has made his new friend Chris and he has been enjoying meals at both homes. Jessica also noticed that he has gaining a little bit weight and she was happy to know that he has a new pal around with him when she is not home. She said “I was more than happy for Kriss to keep letting Jeffrey in because Jeff won’t give up trying to get in his house. The man sounds lovely and obviously loves Jeffrey just as much as I do!”. Jeffery has been enjoying meals at both home and has been making some new friends, can you relate to this? Does your cat has some friends too? Let us know what do you think about this story in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned for more cat content.


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