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15 Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Acting Compassionate

The thing with cats is that you can never know when they are being compassionate because frankly, they are not very expressive. However, they do have their own way of showing and feeling sympathy, whether it is by rubbing their small and cute heads against your legs or just taking a nap on your stomach to make sure you are not alone. Although when I think of literal devils, my mind always goes to cats, they are probably the closest thing to a devil because their whole attitude and personalities are so similar.


These stories may be silly, but they are going to make your heart swoon for sure, not only that, you are going to want to have a cat. Trust me, cats can be your best friend as well as the closest to an enemy you can ever have, they are just that quirky. I do not think that your bond with your cat or any other animal for that matter can be compared, it is majestical and inexplainable. People can only see it through their eyes and feel it because of how passionate these pets can be. However, when it comes to cats, they do not like to overdo it hence they put on their silly attitude.

There is just one thing that you need to keep in your mind, cats might have multiple personalities, however, they will not always be comfortable with showing you all of them. Especially the caring side, because that is just against their whole vibe. They just need to be sure that you are not going anywhere (especially without them) and you are not in a bad mood.

Let us look at some of the experiences people shared with their cats being silly and compassionate at the same time!

1. Only cats can know how you are feeling…

via  Robin Suggs

2. Cats really are incredible!

via  Victoria Coates

3. You don’t even have to say it!

via Carol McKnight

4. Well obviously!

via Amy Harrison

5. Anything to make you laugh!

via Clawde Clawson Rees

6. The cat has her priorities set!

via Monica Cutler

7. Tiye knows exactly how you feel!

via Chrissi Matusevics

8. He’s like the friend you never had!

via Julie Pieper

9. Kittie to the rescue!

via Lee Brannon

10. Cat knows the best!

via Karen Huggins

11. That is how you make your cat comfortable!

via Anne Stenslien

12. He just does not want to share!

via Holly Rudolph

13. What a beautiful story!

via  Michelle Bess

14. Cats really are hard to read!

via Helen Reardon

15. What a silly little demon indeed!

via Charlotte Carson

I hope this article made you feel all the love that those cats poured in so that their owners felt comfortable and happy when they were down. They are literally the cutest little creatures you’ll ever see and trust me, they genuinely really care about you, they just can not feel relaxed while you are sad or just down, they will do everything in their power to make you smile. If they can not do that, they might just do something stupid to get their mind off it. Needless to say, they really are your best friends, as they know how and what you are feeling without you having to say it. Cats are the most wholesome and silly pets you can ever have because the uncertainty of their actions that depends on their mood can make you laugh hysterically or sometimes just want to hug them with all your might.

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