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17 Reasons That Prove Cats Are Cutest Creatures Ever

There you are, bumping into another cat article. Why? Because you love cats, of course, and nothing can match the level of their cuteness! Don’t you think that felines have some novel sort of charm? As they show love through their enormous green eyes, portray their fun-loving nature by chasing the laser lights on the walls and trying to catch the wires that you hold in the air, they become a big part of your family.


However, we won’t deny the fact that you can’t play with felines whenever YOU want to. They have their own moods and you must keep up with that in order to keep them happy and satisfied. Let’s accept the fact that even you won’t like it if someone just stormed into your workplace and forced you to play a game of chess or cards with them. Would you? Nope. Then how can you even dare to disturb those cute creatures whenever you want to?

Anyway, we have gathered up a few pictures which would definitely convince you into believing that cats are certainly the most adorable and cutest creatures on earth.

1. Do you see those ears? How perfectly shaped they are.

“Are you just going to keep on taking my pictures or are you going to feed me now?”

2. These majestic eyes are unmatchable!


“Kneel before me, hooman. I am your master”.

3. Nothing can beat the cuteness even with the eyes closed.


“For how much longer do I have to stay like this, John?”

4. Do you see that smol nose over there?


“What the hell is this angle even, I don’t understand? Stoopid hoomans”

5. Yep, that’s right. The moustache is just perfect.


“My moustache’s are longer than you could ever grow on your face”

6. See those tiny little teeth?


“Little does he know that I’m still peaking through my right eye”

7. That double chin though!


“Hey, hey! Stop taking pictures of my double chin, you dumb”

8. Even their tongue is too cute for us to not notice it


“You can’t just make me stick my tongue out for you to take a picture, stoopid hooman”

9. Ignore the question mark he’s making with his tail and look at those little legs, which can run and even climb up the walls


“They see me chillin’, they hatin'”

10. Just when we think that the cuteness is about to end, their cute round paws never fails to intrigue us.


“Check out my new J’s”

11. OMG, look at those squishy pads also known as toe beans. Adorable AF!

“Get me new socks, hooman”

Aside from balls of wool (which they can get tangled in and never come out of), did you know that an iPad can likewise effectively keep them occupied for quite a long time? There are several YouTube videos of felines doodling endlessly with their paws on iPad screens and being exceptionally entertained with the hues. But if you don’t want to sacrifice your iPad for that, we would understand. However, even a simple moth in the room should get the job done too! In any case, don’t assume that a feline will just be diverted by everything without exception. These tricks would work ONLY IF Her Feline Highness wants to be interested. Still wondering why are they cute? Scroll down.

12. The flexibility of their body is something that we are very fond of and it’s adorable how they can just get themselves wrapped around everything.


“Can I have some food now, please?”

13. They can look like a cloud too.

“Did I do something, again?”

14. Of course, their incredibly beautiful and soft fur!


“Is that a lizard?”

15. And their cute little bellies.

“Rub my belly, hooman”

16. Cutest tails ever!


“I don’t think you are aiming at my face, hooman”

17. And when it’s fluffier, we would just go GAGA over it.

“What’s your obsession with my tail, hooman?”

Okay, that’s it. Enough cuteness for today. We just thought it would be a great idea to explain their cuteness with pictures because only words cannot do justice to it. Do you have any points of their cuteness which you would like to add? Feel free to let us know into the comments section below.


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