Daughter Hilariously Illustrates Her Dad’s Relationship With Her Cat And It’s Too Real

Cats are just totally irresistible!

Whether you are a normal person or a strict person, mark my words, you just CANNOT ignore a cute and adorable meowing cat. You just can’t! Well, that is unless you are an emotionless monster, but otherwise, you will love them. Because you see we humans are destined to fall in love with these liquid-like smol “innocent” creatures.


But, make no mistakes, because even though these cats are lovely, they can sometimes be a real pain in the a**.  And I’m sure all the cat owners who are obsessed with them more than anyone else will agree too. You see, it is in every Cat’s nature to act like they are the boss.

They tend to control their owners, and if I’m honest, they are very good at it. If they want something, even if its only attention, notice that they will start meowing unnecessarily because they KNOW its a weakness. And if that won’t work, they will just randomly jump into your lap and stare at you as if they are looking directly into your soul.

And did I mention their favorite habit of knocking things off the shelf, because you know why not? And let’s not forget that they WILL sh*t outside the litter box even after you train them and tell them not to a million times. Basically, they will do whatever they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So, people take notes and don’t mistake their innocent appearance for their “dark” personality. Anyway, so there are tons of things that can be the probable reason why your cat is an a*shole, but there are just as many good things about them, and we can’t help ourselves but love them.

And today, we have a story to share with you that is related to all that above. Akiro Tea is an artist from Berlin and has illustrated the relationship of her father Pietro with her cat Fritz, in a very interesting way, and it is all very beautifully done. The illustrations depict the relationship between the two in their every day casual life, and it’s just as real as it can get.

From expressing love and showing affection in front of everybody, to secretly patting the lovely kitty, the following illustration covers it all. It appears that Akiro’s father is a strict man who never shows his soft side so easily, and showing affection to the family cat? It really seems out of the question. But how gradually things unfold in the illustrations below sums it all up.

“I think my cat is German, but I like to pretend that [Fritz] is Kazakh,” said the artist. “I got him from a Kazakh family. But they [actually] got him from the streets in Germany, where they live.”

This Comic is basically a fragment of a bigger webcomic project named “Awkward Moments” that Akiro has been working on for a couple of years. So without wasting another second scroll on below and take a look at these illustrations!


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Dad and the cat part I

The second picture is so cute.


Dad and the cat part II


You know what they say, actions speak more than words!




Like I said, actions speak more than words, and it certainly goes both ways here.


Isn’t it just straight up cute when someone pretends to be irritated?


But actually isn’t?


Cats can be a blessing too sometimes. Especially if you come home from after a long tiring day.


And you just look at your fluffball, and suddenly everything seems okay.


Dad and the cat part III

Oh, and yes, there will come the point when you get possessive. *hisses in cat voice*


Dad and cat part IIII

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Just like his old man!


This one is hilarious.

“Little Traitor.”


Now if you enjoyed these comics above, then finally take a look at what this cat looks like in real life. Meet Fritz!

And here we have some of the best responses to these comics. Check them out!

“Essentially the same.”


“Old Italian man and cat.”


Mario and Mr. Wilson. Legit!

There really isn’t anything quite like someone who has a soft heart but fails to express himself in front of others. Cute in a unique way, indeed.

So anyway, I think we can all agree that it doesn’t matter what way you put it because cats will always be cats and we will love them no matter what! So did you like these illustrations just as much as we did? And if you are a cat owner what was in here that you could relate to the most, and what exactly is here that we missed?

Let us know about it all in the comment section below, and also share this post with all the cat lovers in your friend list! Peace.


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