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22 Of The Pets Who Don’t Need To Talk About Their Feelings Because Their Faces Say Everything

Pets’ faces tell us everything about how they are feeling.

Some pets are just too good at expressions and you can’t beat them at giving better expressions than them. Sometimes, we wonder where do they learn these expressions from? Do they learn them from their humans? We aren’t sure about how they got so good at showing expressions on their face but we have made an adorable compilation of some of the pets who are too good at giving expressions that they don’t need to talk about their expressions. Their faces are enough to say everything, so scroll down and enjoy the adorable expressions shown by our furry friends.


1. “I sneezed and my kitten was disgusted.”

© pokoring / Reddit

2. When you forget to serve him food on time.


© kerrycooper / Reddit

3. She is not happy with the fox.


© Agent4777 / Reddit

4. The face that he makes when he sees me going to work.


© j2thafree / Reddit

5. Woke him up accidentally by rearranging my legs and that’s the face he is making.


© 7evenstar / Reddit

6. “We got a new kitten, and one of our older cats isn’t happy about the situation.”


© failedwittyreference / Reddit

7. Meet Rosie, she is very shy. She grins whenever she gets excited and this is what I come home to every day.


© imfartandsmunny / Reddit

8. “I accidentally turned on the news and my cat’s reaction says it all.”


© Rishacat / Reddit

9. When you see a cockroach in your room.


© neustadtwelton / Reddit

10. Look at how happy he is to get pasta in lunch.


© Carli_Elaine / Twitter

11. My husband scolded her for biting his leg and she came over to me with this face. Looks like someone is apologizing.

© mamabelles / Reddit

Her face tells it all. Aww!! such a lovely kitty. That’s how innocent and pure cats are. You scold them a little and they will come up to you with such sweet expressions. This cute, little face is enough to melt anyone’s heart. How could you scold such a pretty girl like her, hooman? These little balls of fur deserve all the love. Scroll down to see some of the more pets with adorable expressions.

12. Our catto is sunkissed.


© aleph19 / Reddit

13. The face that he makes when you tell him to study.

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© PatrickChungus / Reddit

14. The way she looks at my husband makes me jealous.


© alaelh / Reddit

15. Meet Oreo, he has just woken up.

© Gremlin_King06 / Reddit

16. Every fluffy cat ends up looking like this after a bath.


© EricaH121 / Reddit

17. Meet Lolita, it’s her first night at home and seems like she is already in love with her hooman!

© jela_03 / Reddit

18. “My girlfriend sent me this photo with the caption: ’He sniffed your pants.’”


© 87mave / Reddit

19. When Big Russ gives me this look, I know he wants me to go to my room and reflect on my behavior.

© shugerbooger / Reddit

20. Meet my newly adopted cat, Lumi. She has become the love of my life.


© _sweetener / Reddit

21. When you stop rubbing her belly for 5 seconds:

© ldawno / Reddit

22. He came back home after a few days and this is how our cat is looking at him while he is asleep.


© naazu90 / Reddit

We are overjoyed to see how good our furry friends are at showing their emotions and feelings through their facial expressions. Well, they look adorable with the pure expressions on their faces that tell us everything about them. Does your pet give any facial expressions? If yes, comment down below or share their pictures with us.


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