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40 Times Cats Barged Into Strangers Home And Made It Their Human

Cats are mysterious creatures.

Many people think that they are too independent to be kept as pets. I mean many cats hate the idea of being touched and even if a cat is letting you snuggle with them, it doesn’t mean the kitty will always be in the mood for pets. They are truly mysterious with what they want and will scratch you if you try to touch them whenever they’re not in the mood. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have a safe place to rest.


There are after all so many stray cats that need a home and I am not talking about the cats in shelter homes. There are many cats roaming around the streets looking for anyone who would take them in even if they run away at the first sight of humans. I mean who wouldn’t be scared? Although these cats were the opposite of scared as they waltzed in strangers houses and made themself at home.

You can take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 Fat butt is the right name for this kitty.

Via Sash Johnson

My grandson Jackson came for a visit and drew a picture of Fatbutt. I’m pretty sure other neighbors are feeding Fatbutt because she’s looking mighty hefty again. Nevertheless, she’s staring into my door for hours on end.

#2 When it is snowing outside.

Via Codruța Filip

#3 When a cat adopts you.

Via Zo Chapman

We’re giving him food and water and a warm bed while we try to find his humans (but all signs point to abandoned cat so far). Probably have a “My house, my cat now” situation on our hands. The delivery people sure seem to be taking a shine to him.

#4 Cats are just attracted by catnip.

Via Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen

This is Squiggles, named for her congenitally kinked-over tail. She belongs to our neighbors but likes to hang out in our yard, taunting our indoor cats and rolling & huffing our catnip patch. Last summer, we were in our house when we heard a big cat commotion coming from the bedroom.

Squiggles was inside, our cats were freaking out, but all windows & doors were closed—how’d she get in? Turned out she’d climbed on the roof, wiggled under the half-open skylight, stepped on the screen, and dropped, along with the screen, onto the bed below. She was as surprised as we were!

#5 This is exactly how one gets a cat.

Via Josiah Bennett

On November 25, 2019, my ex and I were doing some cleaning in the house and moving junk into the basement. So we had the front door propped open. I happen to turn around, and this guy is swaggering into the house. He was dirty, hungry (obviously hadn’t eaten in several days), and walked with a bit of a limp.

He climbed up in the recliner, plopped his ass down, and looked at us like he was saying “hey guys, I live here now”. We gave him attention and a piece of salami. We left the door open to see if he’d leave, but he instead familiarized himself with the house.

He found our bed and took a nap. We looked at each other, shrugged, said “guess we have a cat now”, and dropped everything to go to PetSmart and get everything he needed. About a year and a half later, he’s my chonky best friend.

#6 When a fierce cat finds your home.

Via Andi Witster

#7 Cats need a safe place to deliver babies.

Via Alice Claire Forssblad

I thought I would share this precious moment from when I was a kid and a cat sneaked in and decided to deliver kittens right in my bed!

It was amazing taking care of the cat and kittens, eventually, though we found homes for them because of my asthma, I’m so glad this cat decided it could be safe enough in our home to deliver.

#8 This is love at first sight.

Via Dakota Rai Crawford

#9 ‘I live here now.’

Via Glenn Godbold

#10 All of these are not their cats.

Via Sam Currington

The chonky ginger chap has been popping round the longest – he’s Adrian Scarborough. Then he was joined by the little white & grey tabby – she’s Clare Grogan. And now we have a pair who arrived together – a tabby (Michael Burnham) and a void (Philippa Georgiou). I’ll soon be knee-deep in moggies at this rate.

#11 A cat will follow a fire anywhere.

Via Amber Cherise

He spends 5 hours a day here and keeps me company by the fire, and he pounds 3 to 4 cans of frikies a day on my dime…and I bathed him yesterday inside in my bathtub with argon oil and gave him an all-natural beard oil treatment afterwards…but he is NOT MY CAT.

#12 ‘Am I going home with you?’

Via Elle Weber

Girlie knows the sound of my car, and will come running from out of nowhere when she hears it! When I come home, I roll down the windows of my car and call for her. Girlie is usually waiting for me, but on those odd days when she isn’t, I hear the sound of her tiny paws shortly after, scrambling across the stone landscape toward my car.

I can then see this healthy chonk full-tilt running behind my car to beat me to my parking space so that she can greet me properly. She sniffs the plants and waits up the hill on the sidewalk for me to grab my stuff and start the walk home, and then(and only then) she darts up my stairs and stands impatiently with her nose pressed to my security door.

At this point, she lets out the tiniest little ‘mew!!!’ to let me know that she is ready to sit with me for 5 minutes at the top of the stairs while I dole out her favorite snacks. I treasure this time. I tell her about my day, scritch under her chin (everywhere else seems to be politely rebuffed so far) and when the snacks are gone, she trots down the stairs into the night. My little love, Girlie.

#13 ‘Just let me sleep hooman.’

Via Kym Walsh
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#14 That is one chonky, not your cat right there!

Via Denise Thew

#15 This kitty has claimed this lap.

Via Sharon Parrotte

To recap, we live in the country & this orange floof showed up in the yard last winter. We get a lot of animals dumped out here so it wasn’t unusual. We’d see him, then he’d be gone for days (if not weeks), then he’d be back. We built a storage tote shelter, which he would lay on top of but refuse to go in.

The water we put out became a heated water bowl so it didn’t ice up. Dry food morphed into wet food, at least twice a day. During all of this, I kept calling him “OC”, for Orange Cat, or Outside Cat, or Other Cat (we have 6 inside). He started answering me! Late this past summer, he actually let me pet him. One quick touch at a time but it was progressing. He quickly showed us that he knew all about traps & would have nothing to do with them. Then, drumroll please, he set all four paws inside!

Our indoor cats were not impressed but we’re slowly introducing them. They’ve been “talking” to him through the door for months, so hopefully, it will go well. Finally, he has decided he wants all those pets he could have been getting for the past year. And he crawled into my lap & fell asleep to prove his point. We’re going to the vet after the first of the year but I’m pretty confident that we’ve been adopted. Welcome to the family, OC.

#16 This fierce kitty just showed up.

Via April Gresham

#17 ‘No more work for you.’

Via Ivan Heneghan

#18 An abandoned kitty finding a new home.

Via Mercedes Sandgren

She is super friendly and makes friends all over the neighborhood but her people moved and abandoned her. She almost starved but by mutual consent she now claims our house as her home. She definitely is not shy about when she wants in though!

#19 When not your cat finds your tortoise.

Via Kelly Mace

#20 When your toddler steals someone else’s cat.

Via Felicity Hoy

While you may be tempted to adopt a cat that comes into your home, you have to keep in mind the fact that some cats just like to roam around. And you may fall in love with the kitty but that doesn’t mean the cat doesn’t already have a home. So ask around before adopting the kitty as your own.

#21 When a grumpy kitty comes in the morning.

Via Tom Loveday

This cat came in through the sliding door which was slightly open and hopped straight on my lap. Very loving even with his face like thunder.

#22 This cat plant is known as Sam.

Via Rebecca Mclaughlin

#23 When you find a beautiful cat in your home.

Via Kristina Smith

Playing along I said Oo what’s the cats name? My son shrugged his shoulders “dunno” so I said what’s the cat doing? To which he replies “erm just sitting there” Bored with this going absolutely nowhere role-play game

I stopped asking questions and he said “so is it our cat now then?” Our staircase but not our cat and oops apparently not a made-up game either!! ETA: We found and reunited him with his original humans. He apparently has quite the reputation of visiting other houses.

#24 A surprise present.

Via Shane Reynolds

#25 When you find a cat acting all hungry just for another breakfast.

Via Abby Trujillo

#26 This cat has the most unique eyes I have ever seen.

Via Yemaya Karra

This guy started coming by a month ago. We found out recently that he’s the neighbour’s cat and he that he probably visits so often because he’s a senior cat that probably enjoys the calmer household. With their okay, he sometimes comes over and hangs out for hours at a time or sleeps over here if he’s at the back door late.

I had an intense semester and Covid’s been getting to me with how much isolation it’s caused, he showed up like a blessing, even if he already has a home. Extra grateful for the owner okay with his regular visits. Super affectionate kitty that’s added some joy and wanted to share.

#27 Apparently a stray kitty.

Via Megan Wachs

The first three pictures are my house, not my cat. The last three pictures are the my house, the same cat, now my cat six months later. My neighbours and I thought she was a stray hanging around. My neighbours were feeding her and trying to get her to a vet because of her lip and looking skinny. Im a vet tech so I said I would take her to work and see what we could do. I ook her in and she got bloodwork, a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection.

Her bloodwork came back she had kidney failure. Much to my husband’s dismay, I knew I couldn’t let her go back on the street. My neighbour offered to help with her vet care if I would keep her, so she has stayed. About two months later, I was outside with her on a leash and a lady stopped her car and asked how long I have had her and if she had a messed up lip. I said about two months and yes she does.

Apparently, it was her cat! Her name was Lucy (I had named her Ducky because of her lip) and she was 18 years old! I was shocked. The lady said she lived down the street and had thought she escaped when she let the dogs out and died. Ducky/Lucy did not like her dogs much. I explained what had happened and how I was taking care of her. I asked if she wanted her cat back. I didn’t want to steal her cat. The lady said no, she seemed happy and healthy with me and I was taking better care of her lip than she could do.

So we agreed she would stay with me. Now, six months later and a lot of injections and meds later, her lip is completely healed except for some scaring. She is happy and as healthy as and 18-year old cat can be! And she is now my cat. (My other 6 are still not thrilled by it)

#28 This kitty has chosen this lap as his.

Via Tara Nelsen

#29 When you have too many not your cats to count.

Via John Courouble

 I have “Sort of my cat” who lives next door but usually jumps in through my bedroom window and stays all day. His humans are ok with it. I also have “Not my cat” who cries to come in through the front door.

She does not get on with Sort of My Cat and her humans don’t like her going in other houses but sometimes she gets in. Then there is “Definitely not my cat” who likes to be petted through the upstairs window but rarely comes into the house, though sometimes sleeps in our shed. Finally there is “Who even is this cat” who has been in the house a few times and also the shed.

#30 When a cat adopts you.

Via Becki Louise Herdman

He’s HUGE! been coming round for a while now, tracked his owner who said she was trying to catch him to get him spayed, gave her my address…. 4 mo th ago and still no sign of her and he’s ALWAYS in my house then she blocked me on Facebook. Seems as tho I got adopted.

#31 This kitty is apparently included with the new house.

Via Saulė Bulavaitė

#32 ‘Will you give me treats?’

Via Marissa Perry

#33 This chair is now hers and nobody can do anything.

Via Stefanie Wern

#34 When not your cat wants presents.

Via Piri Kincses

#35 This kitty apparently wants to mow the lawn.

Via Beth Tyrrell

#36 When your cat gets stuck in someone else’s house.

Via Jodi McCree

#37 Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

Via Shell Lockley

How long have you been staring at me asleep? Do you come here often? Have you been on my bed? Do you have a ring doorbell on your collar? Because I’m sprawled here naked and clearly catching flies as I slept.

#38 When a cat needs a safe place away from a possum.

Via Sarah Birbeck

#39 This kitty is not their cat.

Via Natalie Smith

#40 This particular pillow has been claimed by the kitty.

Via Jeanne E. Warren

He came in, ate my cat’s food, played with the cat toys and ended up here. He is a neighbourhood cat, Siamese who is approximately 20 lbs.

Have you ever found a cat in your home that is not yours? If so what did you do? Did you adopt them or did you try to find a home for them? Share your story in the comments below.


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