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15 Moments That Show Life With Cats Is Funnier Than All The Oscar-Winning Comedy Movies Combined

Life with a cat is nothing but pure joy.

You basically feel every single emotion being exploited by your cat for all the right reasons. It is very true, you may ask any cat owner in the world and they will tell you that you hold no will in front of a cat, it is the cast who decides how life moves forward from the day of adoption. Cats are a bit different from normal pets like dogs. Dogs move along with their owners, compromises are made by both parties, at times, to achieve a consensus and that’s how life works. And that’s we do it with humans as well. But when we talk about cats, they have a very prominent and independent personality. They are creatures of their own will and like doing whatever the heck they want. You will never see a drop of guilt on their faces if they fail at a task they thought would work out because they did it by themselves.


In such events where cats take unplanned and not-so-thought-out decisions, hilarity is produced at a very quick rate. Cats end up in comical situations that make their owners laugh out loud, and thanks to social media, we can now also join in the fun.

Scroll down below to watch these cats put oscar-winning comedy movies to shame!

1. This mother’s cat sits on top of the washing machine every time she washes clothes. The vibration gives the cat a nice massage. The cat looks unhappy in this picture because this time around mother decided to put a bucket on top of the washing machine, she sat in it but it wasn’t as fun.

2. Soon-to-be father purchased a beautiful carry cot for the incoming baby, but the cat decided to invade it.


3. Cosmo the cat suddenly started spending almost all of her days in the kitchen. Worried, his mother took her to the vet only to be told that he is a cat and that’s what cats do.


Via saintphoenixxx / Reddit

4. Cute kittie tried something for Halloween.


Via cleecloomou / Reddit

5. When all your cats have the same evening spot for chilling. They all fit so perfectly.


Via buffcoloredcat / Reddit

6. Every time he enters the realm of deep thoughts, he changes his sitting position to this. Makes him think better, I guess.


Via julsprev8 / Reddit

7. The cat was heard grunting in the bathroom by its owner. It had gotten a box stuck in its mouth and was calling for help.


Via unknown author / Imgur

I feel no shame in saying that we shamelessly love cats making us laugh. Like, they do it so effortlessly. I mean, you see a cat sitting like a human, you laugh. The cat must probably think we are mentally unwell. The truth is, we fully depend on them and I really don’t see a funnier world without them. Cats are the reason why we are surviving this country-wide political unrest. You know what? I’m just going to say it, given how easily cats can positively impact our moods, they should be given the throne. Cats should lead the countries. Make it happen, nature!

While nature is busy making the changes, let’s enjoy some more pictures of cats being comical.

8. A funny cat pictures compilation without a picture of a cat chilling in the toilet is no funny cat pictures compilation at all.


Via Kyfigrigas / Reddit

9. Nothing special here, just a normal cat checking the view out the normal way…NOT!


Via sablasagna / Reddit

10. He likes to wrap around his daddy like a scarf every time he goes to the kitchen to cook.


Via CoveDwell / Reddit

11. Can you guys tell that this is Gus’ favorite plant? Every time they go out for a walk, he is always on the lookout for this specific plant. Gus’ owner lets him cherish the plant for a couple of minutes and then they continue walking forward.

Via Fillorian / Reddit

12. He is smelling the wrapper of the mint chocolate his Dad just ate. He loves the smell of mint, as you can see by his eyes as he takes all that minty aroma in.


Via paintingcatlady / Reddit

13. A new baby came into the family and the cat wasn’t particularly ready to accept the whole scenario just yet.

Via mikaselm / Reddit

14. Every time she hears a fan being turned on, she runs there, sits right in front of it, and enjoys the beautiful air as her face changes shape every second.


Via Turbulent_Swan_64 / Reddit

15. All the stuff that randomly went missing was actually stolen by the cat, she would grab the items and store them under the oven.

Via DeepCommunication110 / Reddit

I really hope this compilation turned up your mood. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more cat goodness!


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