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16 Dramatic Cats That Are Just Begging For Attention

Cats just love attention, whether they would like to admit to it or not.

ats are usually seen as independent creatures. They do not depend on anyone for their survival. Unlike dogs, they do not need someone to take them on walks several times a day. They can also hunt their own food in the wild. They are great hunters. Cats spend most of their day just sleeping, so they are not even bothering anyone. They like to act all smug and show that they hate it when someone picks them up or gives them too much attention. But the truth is, they love it. They can not stand it when their humans are busy with something else and can not give them time. They like to be noticed. This is why a lot of cats start acting up when their humans are busy. If you spend more than an hour on your laptop and don’t give much attention to the kitty, they will hate it. They will start walking on the keyboard or going around the house causing chaos so that you will get up from the laptop and run after them. This is just one of their techniques to get their human attention. Cats are smart creatures but they are also huge attention seekers. I mean, why can’t they just admit that they like attention? They want the attention but they do not want it to look like they are enjoying it. Cats are a little hard to understand as they are never very clear about their feelings.


1. “She’s trying to distract me from work as usual.”

© houseplant76 / Reddit

2. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or is yours normal?”


© yungkrueger / Reddit

2. Cat or penguin?


© OxfordAndo / Reddit

3. “Getting ready for work? I think not.”


© thepizzaman42 / Reddit

4. “Wanted to share my mom’s cloudy loaf named Sourdough.”


© WetbreadB4Bed / Reddit

5. “Sometimes, Winston invents brand new shapes to sit in.”


© LadyRddt / Reddit

6. “Spider-cat does whatever he wants to.”


© Jelahis / Reddit

7. Look at this little baby sleeping.


But when a cat needs attention, it will do all sorts of silly things to catch its human eye. They will run around the house, break things, get in their human’s face, or just start making a lot of weird noises just so that their human will leave whatever they are doing and attend to the cat. It is adorable but it can also be very frustrating, especially when you really need to focus on something but your cat will not let you. Sometimes, they can really make a fool out of themselves for the sake of attention. It is actually pretty entertaining to see. Scroll down below to see 20 cats that are just begging for attention.

I am sure with these crazy antics, all of these cats definitely got the attention of their humans. Cats are just big babies and they love being adored. They love being the centre of attention for everything. Scroll down below to see more attention-seeking cats.

8. “We just adopted Lily today. I think she’s malfunctioning.”


© _iron_widow_ / Reddit

9. “I find her sitting like this all the time.”


© pjwestin / Reddit

10. “Hello stranger, do you have a moment to talk about catnip?”

© Unowpet68 / Reddit

11. “Scrunchy likes to chill under my mom’s iPad.”


© ghostephanie / Reddit

12. “She stands up straight beside me and waits for me to wake up.”

© guactheline / Reddit

13. “My cat likes to raise its paw to make me notice him.”


© rztan / Reddit

14. “I took this 3 years ago and I’m still wondering how this is comfortable.”

© DaifukuSakuraMochi / Reddit

15. “We just adopted Lily today. I think she’s malfunctioning.”


© _iron_widow_ / Reddit

16. “This is my cat’s favorite spot to sit. Is it comfy? No one knows.”


Does your cat love getting attention? What is the weirdest thing they have done just to get attention? Share your stories with us in the comments below.


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