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30 Cats Who’ve Conquered The Internet With Their Shenanigans

Cat lovers, did you know how these exquisite feline companions can enrich your life? Without a doubt, cats are adorable when they cuddle with you, and it’s so endearing to watch them twist up into a clumsy ball on your bed. Cats are regularly hailed as pets that can mitigate and bring calm. That is, maybe, why places, for example, cat cafes — where anybody can proceed to stroke or cuddle a cat while having a soothing drink — are so famous any place where they open.


Cats and kittens can be so cute at times, one just feels like cuddling them tightly. But there are also times when they can scare you with their big eyes, a death stare and you can easily get uncomfortable. With their sharp paws, they can scratch anything. And they love scratching things for instance sofas, curtains, tables, cloths and walls etc.

In this article, you will be able to see hilarious cat moments that have gone viral on the internet. Scroll below to see what things cats are capable of doing.

1.  When you had 10 sausages for lunch and now you can’t get up.

Ate a little too much, didn’t we?

2. Perks of sitting in the front row?


Well, the kitties in the second row are clearly offended.

3. After burning the house down.


4. The kitty’s trying to hide something.


Well you broke the tile of the wall, and now you thought you’d sit their forever and no one would know?

5. The beautiful striped cat.


6. But I was just trying to sleep.


Cat is caught in act.

7. The cat is suspicious of something so now it’s keeping an eye on you.


8. Roarr! Don’t make this kitten angry.


This little kitten is surely upset about something and seems really angry.

9. Beach day!


We all love a beach day in summers!

10. Mini-Kit!


Aww, this little kitten resembles its mommy.

We have a lot more in store for you. Keep scrolling down.

11. Woah! Who said felines are small?

This kitten is surely not a pet to keep in your small apartment!

12. Everyone’s mood during 2020.


Cats expression perfectly describe the year 2020.

13. Did you just tell me that I am not a bunny?

Excuse me hooman, can’t you see my bunny ears?

14. Don’t take me to the vet, please!!


15. I can provide you with comfort in different ways.

I can’t help you with cutting vegetables, but I can give you a hug that will make you happy.

16. Spider-man-cat.


Wow. Isn’t that awesome?

17. Doctor cat?

“Where are all the felines today? Don’t make the doctor cat wait!”

18. Ready for winter Olympics high jump!


19. What is under this tent?

Cat has its own roof under the blanket. Plus cato, you’ll hurt your leg if you keep sitting in this position…

20. “Draw me like one of your french girls”


I can’t sit in this position for the whole day! Come on bring your canvas

Aren’t you loving these hilarious pictures of the cats? Well, maybe your favourite one is yet to come! Scroll down to see more.

21. Taking some sunlight by the window.

22. Gravity doesn’t work on this cat.


Is that a comfortable position kitty?

23. Is this cat a window cleaner?

24. Ahhh, finally I can sleep in calm and harmony.

25. “I am watching you..”

“I came here to say hello!”

26. Keeping itself warm by the heater.

Winter is here and who doesn’t love sitting by the heater in winters?

27. We own these bikes!


*You can’t sit with us, we’re the biker cats!*

28. Not even a morning cat on the 25th of December.

Don’t wake me from my sleep or I will become that grumpy cat.

29. A super excited cat!


30. Just a cat sleeping peacefully under a blanket.

This is a rare sight, to be honest! Cat sleeping on it’s back with a blanket on.

I hope you enjoyed all these hilarious cat pictures that we had collected for you. Let us know about your favourite ones in the comments section below!


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