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17 Clingy Cats Who Are Obsessed With Their Humans And Can’t Spend A Moment Without Them

Meowing is a sign they need your attention.

When it comes to love and attention, some cats are more demanding than others. While some cats visit their owners less and their neighbors more often, there are cats who are too obsessed with their owners. When it comes to sharing their owners, they stand in the first row and say a BIG NO. From morning till night, they would be hugging their owners, interrupting them or finding the best ways to grab their hooman’s attention. Seems like these cats can not spend a day or even a moment without their human. How cute is that! We have made the cutest collection of some of the photos of cats who are asking for their owners’ attention when they get busy. So, scroll down, we are sure they would bring a smile to your face.

1. Watson does this every time I open a book.


Via: scumbagcoley / reddit

2. Leave the PlayStation and hold me.


Via: lilysmoke / reddit

3. When she wants to help you in your homework.


Via: SharleenSClapp1 / twitter

4. Wakeup hooman.


Via: JanDuchess / twitter

5. “My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.”


Via: AHappierDay / twitter

6. Stop working and play with me.


Via: OutwoodsCat / twitter

7. When you have to wake up for work but she wants you to stay home with her.

Via: HazelBBurris / twitter

8. She is such an attention seeker. Baby sling is the perfect solution for her.


Via: babz1252 / reddit

9. She would throw herself on the floor to get your attention.

Via: natureslover_s / twitter

What a drama queen this fat cat is! She went to another level in getting her hooman’s attention by throwing herself on the floor. Now, you cannot ignore her cuteness. Girls, if you need some tips on how to get your man’s attention, then this is the perfect place. Learn from these kitties how to distract your man or how to never let him forget you. Jokes apart, these cattos asking for love and attention is the purest thing you will see on the internet today!

10. When is your work gonna end?


Via: CatEnchufe / twitter

11. When you are not noticing her so she starts shouting.

Via: RachelAndJun / twitter

12. He is not gonna let my husband work.


Via: ElliYumYum / pikabu

13. Can you spot the keyboard?

Via: umimbored / twitter

14. Her space on your workspace.


Via: tuochten / twitter

15. “Stop working, Helen. It’s the weekend and I won’t allow it. Now feed me please and thank you.”

Via: HelenFry1 / twitter

16. She is chewing everything because she wants to play.


Via: sethanikeem / twitter

17. I ate the last piece of fish so now they are just sitting here staring at me.

Via: RheinMiller / pikabu

That moment when your cats are expecting so much from you but you ditch them. Look at the way these cuties are looking at him. Seems like they cannot digest the fact you ditched them. From expecting attention to asking for it, cats have our hearts. Does your cat ask for attention? Does he/she has the habit of sitting on your laptop? Does he/she ask for your attention? If yes, comment down below!


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