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Hysterical Twitter Thread That Accurately Show How Cats Versus Dogs React To Being Petted

Today we are here with exciting memes you have never seen mixed with adorable cat and dogs. Yes cats and dogs we all know they are all over the internet, how one can neglect these super entertainers. They have this super power to make our mood a lot better and entertain us by their silly habits and acts all the time. Cats and dogs are two opposite creatures but they can weirdly go together well. In this twitter thread you are going to see the details of these cats and dogs while being petted and it is quite amusing. Some cats loves to make a mess in the kitchen and running around in every corner of the house at 3 A.M while some cats are obsessed with sitting on computers and some cats don’t want to be touched at all. Meanwhile dogs they get completely mad if you don’t give them attention. More ever both of these species can be completely hilarious and adorable. No matter what we love them. Take a look at this hilarious thread, don’t forget to watch it till the end.


1. This is accurate and yet hilarious

Via @Browtweaten

2. Prettiest furry cat


Via @MetroidFREAK21

3. How can someone not touch something cute like Shiba Hoo


Via @firecatbaby

4. Cats owners be like love over life


Via @The_RodentKing

5. You should better delete that


Via @tsar_bomba

6. They just love being petted


Via @appabend451

7. They are weird creatures yet adorable


Via @queenofpern

We know you want to see more, this thread of cats and dogs being petted is accurate. Keep on scrolling

8. How dare you? Touch me here


Via @forbidthegemini

9. Cats have this obsession with keyboards, soo accurate


Via @godgiven099

10. Look at this black beauty


Via @Blazisulu

11. It’s time to screw with this rig

Via @GDZerron21

12. Most adorable thing I have seen on the internet


Via @jk_96_

13. They are helpless by their savage nature

Via @misseverywhereg

This thread is super hilarious and we think anyone who owes dogs or cats can relate to this. These creatures are weird and hilarious at the same time. No one can figure out what the hell are they about to do, well we love them and all of their imperfections. They are the reason for our unlimited entertainment, what can one do without them? Cats have this weird obsession with keyboards I think anyone can relate to this whenever you are on your PC or laptop they would just come and lie there like it is the most comfortable place. Well now comes the dog they are our truest companions but sometimes they act kinda strange if you don’t pet them or give them attention often they be freaking out. They just love being played with. This twitter thread is hilariously accurate. Well it is never too late to add colors in our life by adding these beautiful creatures in our life. They are unlimited entertainment. What do you think about this post let us know in the comment, do you find it accurate too? Share your experiences with these creatures in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. Stay tuned for more content.


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