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18 Adopted Cats That Were Returned To The Shelter For The Most Silly Reasons

Every movie ends with a happy ending…so do the stories of these cats.

There is something about rescue stories that no one can ever skip them. No matter how many tissues you have used up to wipe those tears or how many times they break your heart in a single pet rescue story, your curiousness to know how it ends and your slight infuriation after reading how it begins, it all keeps you super engaged till the very end. The good news is, they are most likely to end well for the pet animal.


In the case of cats, it is always a happy ending because they either get rescued at the end or rescue the rescuer, one or the other is bound to happen. It’s just that there are a bit more obstacles for a cat to pass through successfully in order to achieve a good ending.

Today, we have got Twitter posts shared from all over the world by people who mentioned how and why their cats were returned to the rescue shelters for the dumbest possible reasons.

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1. If a cat isn’t supposed to be chatty, what else is it supposed to be?

Via @decomposed_2

2. Returned for wanting to love you. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.


Via @revengegrill

3. It was their own dumbness and they put it on the cat.


Via @EerieJazmin

4. With 2 pets and 1 toddler, they missed out on the biggest happiness ever.


Via @CybrieNova

5. Neither wanted them so why did they adopt them in the first place…


Via @JessicaLitwin1

6. I really wanted to see the faces of those idiots who rehomed this beauty.


Via @HeroByDawn

7. Please don’t make it desperate just give it all the cuddles it needs.


Via @lyssalulu12

8. She is a rare one, keep her.


Via @park_traffic

Say you have never interacted with a cat and by that you have never experienced cat content online either. Just by reading these Tweets, don’t you feel a high urge to adopt a cat right now? Because I fully do. They are just so innocent and if you think about it, they only require pure love and nothing. The person who abandoned their cat for being too cuddly literally made me cry. I really don’t know why these kinds of people exist. But I am glad for the superheroes who are the current owners of these cats. Safe to say, all these cats are at their forever homes.

9. It does take time but cats will always open the gates because they are brave and adventurous seekers for love.


Via @DirtyLeeds1969

10. Only a bit of patience along with the training and it does everything you want it to do.


Via @the_matther

11. Lovers that sleep together, stay together.

Via @toriapinklotus

12. It is not easy to find a cat who is naturally inclined towards interacting with humans.


Via @SucoDeLauranja

13. This is the kind of energy we need on our planet.

Via @chriswolfe_91

14. My friend has had a blind cat for over 8 years now…take that.


Via @Thelnquisitor08

15. Please don’t gift animals to those who you know will never take care of them.

Via @yellowsky

16. Burden to one, treasure to another.


Via @demi_dilf_eddie

17. Once that inseparable bond forms, there is no way you can separate the two.

Via @kiwikiwicatcat

18. They totally made that up to give away the cat.


Via @kiwikiwicatcat

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Via YorkerJones

Cat tax.

“Newly adopted kitten, after hiding under the bed for hours, finally came out and graced me with her first loaf.”


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