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17 Liquid Cats That Are Too Flexible To Fit Anywhere

Cats are liquid. Time by time, they prove the phrase right.

Cats are one of our favorite pets and you all know how obsessed we are with cats. Cattos come in all forms but have you ever seen a cat in a liquid form? You must be thinking how is it possible? But trust us, it is. Cats are liquid and they can fit in any object or any place. Bring home a new cardboard box, two minutes later, your cat will be found in it. Bring in a glass jar and your catto will easily fit in no matter what the shape is. Round, square, rectangle or triangle, cats have their ways to fit in literally anything. They even fit in the window sills and end up looking funny. Here, we have a sweet compilation of our cats proving us they are liquid and we are sure you will end up agreeing to the phrase. Scroll down and have fun!


1. How will I get out of it now?

© BlakoPoint/ Reddit

2. Cattechino or Catte Latte? What would you like to have?


© RalphiesB**gers/ Reddit

3. Meet Dixie, the liquid cat.


© thashika97/ Reddit

4. “Liquids take shape of their containers. This is my cat.”


© VeTech16/ Reddit

5. She loves the bowl.


© awesomeninja831/ Imgur

6. Can you name a better place to sleep?


© theforgottentaco/ Reddit

7. This sink is not working.


© ReignStorms/ Reddit

8. That’s my place, hooman! Go somewhere else.


© fesuguiyamaa/ Twitter

9. When you don’t want anyone to disturb you, you sleep in the bathroom sink.


© olamikey/ Twitter

Cats possess this superpower to squeeze their bodies in whatever shape they like. This ability makes them liquid. You provide them a friendly space and they will show you their true side. Well, have you ever thought about why a cat gets liquid and fits in the weird objects? Cats love to sleep in new places and things. They are curious beings and love to try new things. Scroll down to see more liquid cats.

10. Dustbin has a surprise for you.


© DaRealBin****n/ Reddit

11. The flip flops are too big or the kitty is too small?

© maron31/ Reddit

12. She likes getting into new places.


© dandragons/ Reddit

13. Proof: Cats are liquid.

© HeyBeepMeep/ Reddit

14. When all 3 of them are obsessed with the pot:


© squiddyvirtuoso / Reddit

15. Clothes are drying:

© Roban_G/ Reddit

16. Too adorable to take him out.


© swamprider789011/ Imgur

17. Find yourself a new bathroom, this one belongs to me, hooman!

© futiIidade/ Twitter

If a cat gets obsessed with a place, it becomes theirs. You lose all the rights over that thing/place. We love how cute do these cats look in the glass jars and the way they adapt new shapes. Totally loveable. Is your cat liquid? Share its photos with us if your cat does similar things?


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