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40 Alaskan Malamutes Being The Biggest Floofs

Alaskan Malamutes are well-known for their incredible physiques, as well as their charming and funny personalities and behaviors. They are the most beautiful breed of dog on the planet. Alaskan Malamutes can reach heights of over six feet and have the appearance of a puppy at the same time. It is possible to use them as pillows and blankets because they are so fluffy. Their fluffiness will make its way to your heart and they are a breed of dog that once you adopt one, you’ll forever cherish and adore.


They are considered to be one of the most intelligent and loyal dog breeds. Some Alaskan Malamute owners have posted amazing photographs of their huge fluffy dogs on the internet which we have gathered here. And these pictures are enough to warm your heart and undoubtedly brighten your day.

1. They definitely learned how to make good memories together.

Via UnpopularOpinionated

2. This has got to be the most adorable toy-dog duo ever.

Via Lerchasaurus

This massive Alaskan dog named Luca is obsessed with her dog-toy. She enjoys destroying every toy except this one.

3. Man, Pupper Has Grown Up!

Via ryukandl

If you provide them with the love and attention they need, this breed of dog can live for twelve to fifteen years. Because Alaskan Malamutes need lots of exercises because they were developed to pull sleds in harsh winter environments. So going for a walk with these pals is not an option! Give your dog lots of movement unless you prefer hearing it growl in frustration.

These doggos are also safe enough to play with kids. But, no matter how soft-hearted these Malamutes get, you should always monitor or supervise them while playing around the children.  Because sometimes these dogs don’t often realize the power and how furious they can get at times.

4. A big fluffy Malamute!

Via sreggink1988

Can you believe this huge doggo just turned one?

5. “Knock Knock! Who’s there? It’s me, the most adorable species on Earth”

Via Lifewithmalamutes

6. When you don’t realize how big you’ve actually grown up.

Via SmartSharkIsSmar

If you ever wish to adopt or own these Alaskan Malamute dogs, you should know about this breed’s health difficulties. There’s a health problem known as hip dysplasia (a genetic defect in which their hip sockets require surgery to repair) and these dogs are at high risk of having this disease. It can be costly. But if this problem is not treated at the right time, then these poor souls might have arthritis later in their life. Still, if you are willing to adopt them, then make sure to have proper documentation of these dogs’ parents’ history or hereditary conditions.

Also, these dogs are at high risk of inheriting polyneuropathy. Alaskan Malamutes can lead to the loss of coordination and weakness because this problem can make their neurological system disorganized. That’s why it’s important to have their parent’s hereditary condition documents while adopting them. If their parents are in good condition, then it’s possible that these Alaskan dogs should be well.

7. This floof is so furious and handsome at the same time.

Via riverandthegank_malamute

8. This dog is in total bliss!

Via robinmute

This Alaskan doggo is a pure joy living at Mt. Hermon, Israel.

9. A-Grumpy-Floof!

Via elvis.barksley

10. Is this a bear or a dog?

Via trez_and_tydus

11. Cute Alaskan Malamutes, and a little fluffy cat!


12. Once a puppy, always a puppy!

Via mystic_radish

13. Don’t worry! He’ll grow into it.

Via Exotli8

This guy brought a hiking pack for this tiny fluff Malamute. But it seems like it needs some more time to fit this floof.

14. Tonka looks absolutely adorable in his little Holloween attire.


Tonka, all ready for Halloween as a Siberian Husky.

15. The longer you look at this picture, the more creepy it gets!

Via adventures_of_alpine

16. WARNING: His happiness is contagious.

Via kdr019

The guy’s girlfriend’s brother got a new adorable doggo.

17. Malamutes are the best pillows!

Via odinunderfoot

18. His cuddles have got to be the best.

Via elvis.barksley

19. Covered in a snow blanket, this pal is looking absolutely adorable!

Via whattheschmitt

20. This mighty Malamute looks like a wolf, but it’s a floof!

Via ryanmalpas

Meet Gibson, a huge Alaskan Malamute dog.

21. How does he fit in a house?

Via shortshat

22. When your Malamute is your personal blanket.

Via ggartin

Here’s a 2 Months Vs 7 Months Comparison of this Alaskan dog.

23. They grow up soo fast…

Via bethany__hart

24. A bed full of 250 Lbs Alaskas!

Via awkwardtuna

25. Johny Johny? Yes, papa. Eating cake? No papa!

Via alaskanmalamute_jake

The face you make when someone asked you: ‘Who finished the cake?’, here you know who it was!

26. That is one adorable polar bear/malamute.

Via elvis.barksley

27. The malamute behind him doesn’t want to get in his path.

Via jtpfei26

28. Meet Xander, who looks like a bear, but he’s just an adorable Alaska dog!

Via TonaldDump

Someone at the park called Xander a wolf bear!

29. Take your left foot out,1..2..3.., and now right foot out!

Via steve_likes_cooking

30. A teddy bear disguised as a Malamute.

Via ShellsRealm

31. Looks like this Alaskan dog Ember is running at 30 km/h.

Via sp1z99

32. Isn’t this just the cutest?

Via king_kodah_malamute

You can see the 8-month difference here!

33. We all know that the little one is the boss.

Via nobu.themalamute

34. It is time to invest in a larger car. Or maybe a truck?

Via Alexleigh7

35. How come he looks taller than her?

Via trez_and_tydus

36. Those are ginormous paws!

via alaskindo_malamute

37. Alaska Malamutes are kind enough to let you share their chair!

Via trez_and_tydus

38. Where do we get an invitation to this birthday party?

Via Exotli8

This guy celebrated his Malamute first birthday with a combination of balloons, carrot cupcakes, and hats!

39. Still a puppy at heart!


40. “Can we please get takeout for dinner, mom?”

Via Malliemomx5

Do you own an Alaska Malamute? If yes, we would love to see the images of these massive adorable dogs in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your doggo lover friends and family.


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