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25 Cats Who Defied All The Rules Of Flexibility In Most Hilarious Ways

Anyone who’s ever had an interaction with a cat would know how unbelievably flexible they can be. You try picking up cats from the ground and it’s like picking up a piece of candy that’s been melted onto a pavement, which is to stay they stretch on forever until finally deeming it appropriate to let go of the familiarity of having ground beneath their feet. Even more perplexing is when you’re going about your day normally, like a normal person and you come across a normal cat that’s supposed to be sitting like a normal cat, but instead is curled up like a pretzel somehow, just chilling as if it’s a part of their everyday routine for them to be defying all laws of anatomy so nonchalantly.

There is no such thing as a bad place for a cat. Because of this, it is not remarkable that they appear in such bizarre postures. Fast, powerful, and agile, cats are renowned. Cats are fascinating creatures to study up close. They could even be considered a kind of super-animal! Whether your cat behaves like a walking breathing mass of jelly or if it’s a lazy pillow looking fella that loves hanging around, pretending to be a divan to help add nice finishing touch to the furnishing of your house, either way, we believe these flexible little cats found in places they’re not supposed to be in will surely brighten up your day.

All for your viewing enjoyment, we’ve gathered a cute collection of flexible cat images, including hilarious cats in strange stances and cats sitting like crazy yogis. Want to add some variety to your yoga practice? If you’re looking for true martial arts masters, look no farther than the individual fluffy buddies you are about to meet.

1. Why does it look like this cat does not have any bones?!!

via © Larka7 / Reddit

2. A snake with fur instead of scales!

via © Panishev / Reddit

3. “Would you like a vase full of cuteness?!”

via © trixie_pixie_dust / Reddit

4. Just out here. Living the best life.

via © Auridion / Reddit

5. Cats and their infatuation with sinks!

via © smileysarah267 / Reddit

6. This cat is melting like ice cream!

via © totalnonzens / Reddit

7. Those eyes are begging to be let out of the pot!

via © Chikumori / Reddit

8. A visual representation of us after a hard day at work!

via © mrs-mort / Reddit

9. A ball of fluff!

via © V_nusNb_ynd / Reddit

10. Is this cat playing hide and seek?!

via © gsmctavish / Reddit

11. Gazing out of the window.

via © Ginger-vs-History / Reddit

12. When it is Monday morning but you don’t want to leave your bed!

via © kirsty-ess / Reddit

13. “Don’t mind me!”

via © BigLiverYeah / Reddit

14. “What? All the fishes were doing it!”

via © redditjwh / Reddit

15. Stretch, stretch, and stretch!

via © yesthereis3 / Reddit

16. Triple the trouble!

via © squiddyvirtuoso / Reddit

17. “Please… Just 5 more minutes!”

via © jinkouu03 / Reddit

18. “I’m cute and smol. And I fit everywhere!”

via © DaBaconMage / Reddit

19. A bucket of adowableness!

via © SalazarRED / Reddit

20. A long and tall kitty.

via © xsited1 / reddit

21. It’s just a puddle of fluffiness.

via © kendrafae7 / Reddit

22. This picture needs to be framed!

via © TheAnswerIsInTheDark / Reddit

23. Not a broken cat. Just a flexible one!

via © LiamOmega / Reddit

24. Bones? What are bones?!

via © tbubui / Reddit

25. The flex is unreal!

via © pra_bap / Reddit

We hope you liked seeing all these cats acting like Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Do you have any recollection of finding your cat in confusing places? Have you ever lost your cat and gotten worried, ended up looking everywhere for it only to eventually find it curled up inside a pot or under your refrigerator? If so, do share your amusing cat stories with us, we would love to hear all about them!


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