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Cats Who Just Got Adopted & Happy To Find A Home

Whether it’s a kitty or an adorable pupper, their lives are not cheap and they deserve another chance at the life they couldn’t live.

Even if you are a cat lover or a dog lover, chances are that you would prefer keeping a specific breed rather than adopting one and sadly, that does not make you a compassionate animal lover. To become a compassionate animal lover whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you need to give a new life to those furry companions which are being neglected due to their breeds. And fortunately, there are kind people who wouldn’t really care what breed a cat or a dog is and they would love to give them a new home. Whether you have adopted through a shelter or found one in the street, our little furballs deserves all the chances of having a good and peaceful life in their forever homes.


Today, we have brought you a story of an adorable kitty named Angelica, which was found in a dumpster and adopted by an Imgur user who goes by the name of MickDuncher. So, Mick decided to share his before and after adoption story of his little furry companion and it’s indeed one hell of an inspirational story for all sorts of animal lovers! Because this garbage kitty is having the time of her life living with another kitty and to our surprise, doggos too! It’s one of the most adorable families you would have ever seen. So, be prepared to be astonished and let’s continue towards the story!

Source – Via MickDuncher

1. “First day home. My neighbors found some kittens in their burn pile. AB was one of the only two who made it.”

Oh my… How ADORABLE is she! And at this moment, the pupper knows that they are going to become really good friends!

2. Yep, she loves destroying things just like any kitty would.


That look on her face…Angelica be like, “Oh I feel so satisfied now!”

3. “Are you going to feed me now or what? Have you seen the time, hooman?”


Angelica does not like waiting for her food.

4. She loves cuddling render to sleep.


Every single night.

5. “Why do you think I’m about to do something, hooman?”


“I’m just chilling here, don’t make unnecessary assumtions!”

We are only halfway through the story and this cute little kitty has totally melted our heart! It’s truly an inspiring and a beautiful story of how kind a human can be to these voiceless animals. We would like to pay massive respect to all those individuals who have adopted and saved lives of the animals who were struggling for another chance at life! Wherever you are, we love you! Let’s continue the story and you must keep on scrollin’ until the end.

6. “Established hierarchy, with me in my proper place.”


“Hello there, can we help you with anything?”

7. Well… it’s a cat, what do you expect?


They are the boss, right?

8. Spot the kitty!


Look at those mesmerizing eyes!

9. “Render is her favorite dog by far.”


We can totally tell!

10. “Older sister, Melfi, showing her some of the better hang outs.”


“Ooo I like this place, sister!”

11. “Learning the perks of a wood stove after just a few weeks.”

Awww… look at that charming little furball having the time of her life!

We hope that this story turns out to be an inspiration for you and you would also adopt a furry companion to give them a forever home that they truly deserve! Or if you have adopted already, we would love to hear the adoption story! Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family! Share you stories with us into the comments section below.


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