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30 Celebrities Who Openly Display Their Love For Dogs (New Pics)

Little do you know, your favorite celebrity loves dogs.

Who does not love dogs? Everyone loves to be around an adorable puppy, right? Even our favorite Hollywood celebrities have a liking for dogs. You might be surprised to know that Jackie Chan, Selene Gomez and Lionel Messi have a dog as their pet. Yes, you are hearing it right. Are you happy to know that you and your favorite celebrity have one thing in common and that is immense love for dogs? Now, when you will get the chance to meet your favorite celeb, there is no need to worry about what will you talk to them about because you have a great topic to discuss. And that is, being a father/mother of a dog. Is not it crazy how celebrities adore dogs and made them their best friends? They did not shy away from displaying their true love for dogs and shared adorable photos on social media. And we are drooling over these cute photos. Scroll down to have a look at your favorite celebrities loving their dogs.


1. Jackie Chan with his dogs.

Source: Jackie Chan

2. Emilia Clarke giving a warm hug to her doggo.


Source: Emilia Clarke

3. Justin Theroux’s dog is a good boy.


Source: Justin Theroux

4. Danny Trejo with his cutest pup.


Source: Danny Trejo

5. David Beckham and the boys.


Source: David Beckham

6. Sylvester Stallone is a father of three doggos.


Source: Sylvester Stallone

7. Drew Barrymore’s selfie with her dog.


Source: Drew Barrymore

8. Lionel Messi owns a dog. Cute.


Source: Lionel Messi

9. George Clooney.

Source: George Clooney

10. Kaley Cuoco having a good time with her dog.


Source: Kaley Cuoco

11. Lily Collins and her pup!

Source: Lily Collins

What a lovely photo!

12. Heidi Klum owns a big dog.


Source: Heidi Klum

13. Nina Dobrev having a good time at the beach with her four-legged friend.

Source: Nina Dobrev

14. Selena Gomez and her fluffy pup.


Source: Selena Gomez

15. Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas love dogs.

Source: Priyanka Chopra

Who wouldn’t like to be a friend with Hollywood stars? And our four-legged friends have been lucky enough to be celebs’ favorites. Our celebrities have been spotted spending quality time with dogs, sharing their life with them and cuddling them. Having such a busy lifestyle, these stars still find time for their pets and we love it. Scroll down to see more celebrities showing an immense love for their dogs.

16. Katherine Heigl has the cutest puppy and we are in love.


Source: Katherine Heigl

17. Ashley Tisdale giving these puppies the love they deserve.  m

Source: Ashley Tisdale

18. Mickey Rourke with adorable puppies.


Source: Mickey Rourke

19. What a lucky boy he is to get kisses from Ariana Grande!

Source: Ariana Grande

20. Kate Beckinsale.


Source: Kate Beckinsale

21. Sofia Vergara and her coolest pup.

Source: Sofia Vergara

22. Andy Cohen napping with his dog.


Source: Andy Cohen

23. Lana Condor.

Source: Lana Condor

24. Josh Groban

Source: Josh Groban

25. Sergey Lazarev and his doggo.

Source: Sergey Lazarev

26. Jenny Slate has a cute white pup.


Source: Jenny Slate

27. James Middleton has a big family.


Source: James Middleton

28. Emily Ratajkowski out with her doggo.

Source: Emily Ratajkowski

29. Miranda Kerr with her fluffy friend.


Source: Miranda Kerr

30. Sarah Silverman.

Source: Sarah Silverman

Seeing your fav celebrity being a fan of dogs is something that can make anyone’s day. We truly adore these photos. Do you? Comment down to let us know which of these photos is your favorite?


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