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17 Wholesome Photos That Can Deliver A Fountain Of Smiles

It is the little things that can make us smile instantly.

One good deed can brighten someone’s day. Whether we do something good or watch someone else doing something good, it makes our day so much better. Seeing doggos dressed up to go out or watching a pregnant lady’s cats and dog taking care of her, bring a smile to our faces and we have decided to deliver a fountain of smiles today with our adorable post. Today, we have a compilation of 17 wholesome photos that are sure to bring a smile to your face, make your day a lot better and lift your spirits. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. “My dog and my kitten are besties for life”

© MissAmberNichole/Reddit

Nothing like a cat-dog friendship.

2. Meet Rick, enjoying the sunshine in his favorite spot.


© hylianlady/Reddit© hylianlady/Reddit

3. “My tiny baby king copper cactus warms my heart.”


© DrHigsby/Reddit

We have never seen such a tiny cactus before.

4. “My cat and dog think they’re the same species or maybe just funny-looking brothers.”


© spacepiratekitty/Imgur

Who says a dog and a cat can not be friends?

5. “A frog I saw at the zoo”


© Janek102TV/Reddit

6. “My adorable 97-year-old grandma looks so happy talking to my mom on the phone.”


© inemolt/Reddit

Look at how happy she is. That’s all grandma’s and grandpa’s need: your time.

7. “5 months pregnant and my animals won’t leave me alone. Adorable.”


© thats-not-my-name-93/Reddit

Animals: Daddy, you can go to the office. We will take care of her. We will not let mama feel alone.

8. “How my fiancé dresses our dogs to go out into the snow”


© kooc98/Reddit

Look honey, our boys are ready. Let us tell you, they look great. They are so adorable that we want to give them some belly rubs. It is the little things that can make someone’s day like making your grandma’s day with just a phone call, taking your doggos out, letting your cat enjoy the sunshine or getting yourself a tiny cactus. These things bring a smile to our faces. What about you? What makes you happy?

9. “My great grandmother having a blast with bubble wrap during our Christmas celebration.”


© WalkingNukes/Reddit

Bubble wraps are our favorite.

10. “My friend’s little kid made her this ’pizza’ keychain.”


© valdev/Reddit

Can anyone tell us which country has blue pizzas?

11. “My tortoise has a paw print on the bottom of his foot.”

© the_local_hobo/Reddit

12. “Charlie watching over his lover like a true gentleman”


© Applejuic3/Imgur

We want someone to look at us the way Charlie is looking at his lover.

13. “This man is pushing his dogs in a wheelchair — one is old, and the other had paw surgery. Now that’s love.”

Advertisement by UDM

© SheWhoCouldntBeName/Reddit

Everyone, please be kind to your animals.

14. Mom sent me this picture to show dad’s new love.


© Cheeers/Reddit

15. “My mom has been crocheting Freddy Mercury dolls and auctioning them off for cancer research.”

© jackjgoodall/Reddit

We want to buy. We are ready to pay.

16. “I woke up to find I have a new tenant, apparently.”


© trashbunny9/Reddit

A new tenant who will live rent-free in your house.

17. “A pit bull and a chihuahua that got adopted together”

© pigoletto/Reddit

Challenge: Show us a better duo. These wholesome photos have made our day a lot better and brighter. What about you? Did they make you smile? Comment down to let us know which of these photos did you like the most?


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