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20 Times People Were Hilariously Roasted With Classy Clapbacks

Not everyone can have a comeback at the ready.

I am sure many of us have regretted situations where we could not think of a clever comeback. No matter how much you practice in front of the mirror. Your mind can blank at the most inopportune of times. And it leaves you standing there with your mouth agape. However, that is unlikely to happen on the Internet. Because you have all the time in the world to think of a clever response.


After all, nobody knows how long ago you read the actual comment. And the following people definitely used this to their advantage. I think this is the perfect way to shut off people whoa re ignorant and don’t really think about what they are posting. However, they might have learned their lesson after the savage comments. So scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 That is exactly the reason why many people don’t want kids.

Via Master1718

Im tired of being responsible for something that is entirely my resposibility.

#2 This is why commas are so important.

Via shouyou

#3 They aren’t wrong.

Via Intrepid

#4 I don’t think he’ll recover fast enough to reply.

Via tukboss

This Caught Me Off Guard.

#5 And the point is?

Via unithiz

Every Generation Gap Ever.

#6 But he didn’t.

Via Comfortablejack

#7 I am guessing your husband would be pretty happy with that arrangement.

Via MythicalBeast263

#8 Damn, They are going to need some ointment for that one.

Via AkshayyChavan

#9 I mean they had it coming.

Via themaskedvillain

For all the football/soccer fans out there.

#10 You could also try any accounting book ever.

Via hariskhansherwani

Yes, because of the severe headaches it gives you ultimate pain…

#11 I never understood this trashy trend.

Via patorikku

Seriously though why is wearing pants below your ass a thing? Like I’ve seen people wear two pairs of pants or a pair of shorts to have one pulled up normal and the other below his ass. It honestly looks pretty trashy. –JeNightWolf

#12 Just be straightforward rather than playing games.

Via patorikku

#13 So I guess I shouldn’t watch English movies because they are not in my native language?

Via school

Time to learn another language or just read without complaining.

#14 How did this guy ever become a lawyer?

Via lucynyu13

#15 Never expected Tom to be so quick-witted.

Via mehul

#16 Did he read this before posting?

Via reddit

Congratulations. You played yourself.

#17 Who needs an overpriced rock anyway?

Via ibbylol

They’re the most successful marketing campaign of all time. They convinced woman that a man doesn’t love her if he doesn’t spend thousands on a rock. –imaginexus

#18 I have to agree with Femi over here.

Via wearefriends

#19 I can feel this on a deep level.

Via memezzer

She does though. Not in a bad way but I’d definitely assume over 30. –quietlycommenting

#20 So this is everything but the kitchen sink workout smoothie then?

Via _

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