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Adorable And Hilarious Collection Of Cat Shenanigans

Cats are the best.

Cats reign over the world. They rule our hearts and our lives. We can’t think of any other pets that are better than them. I know some people might disagree with me on that, but it’s true! You don’t need to take them out on walks several times a day, keep them in a cage so they stay safe, or worry too much about leaving them alone for a while because they like their privacy. Cats are pretty chill creatures. They are independent and they enjoy it.  Cats were considered gods in ancient Egypt. I can just imagine a guy walking up to a cat in that era and thinking “Hmm, this looks like God material.” And our little feline friends just went along with it. However, they still haven’t gotten over it. They walk around our homes like they own the place. This is why most people consider them bossy. But hey, none of us is complaining. We like being bossed around by cattos. We are their slaves.


They pay us for our services with their hilarious shenanigans. They provide us with free entertainment at home. Our furry babies make us chase them all around the house. They keep us on our toes but we aren’t even annoyed by it because they’re just so cute. To let you in on some of the fun, we have compiled some of the best cat shenanigans. Scroll down below to see them:

“When a cat curls up into the perfect ball.”

Via u/jennithomas321

“Holy crap I actually managed to get a good picture of them both at once – I felt like lightning struck. My babies Rachel and Patrick.”


Via u/youcantunfrythings

“Let’s stop to smell the flowers, mom”


Via u/momekina

“About one year and six months ago my boy just disappeared. Yesterday he just decided to show up home again. I’m very happy that he could find his way back home”


Via u/Belangueira

“Illegally cute”


Via u/Savagetiddies

“My buddy and I were setting up for our podcast and my cat decided she wanted to be our guest this week…”


Via u/IsaacTowellComedy

“My cat has found her signature pose. It’s always left foot over right, never the other way around.”


Via u/LAdogmom

“How my little man has grown into a fine beast!”


Via u/crystalskins

“Cats in the nest and taking rest looking amazing in their house”


Via u/hazel037

“This is Marnie, she smol.”


Via u/SurgeUnleashed


“My mom didn’t believe me when I tried to explain how odd our newest rescue, Kittywhite, is”


Via u/shitaki_taco

If you have a cat, you would know that these goofy antics are nothing out of the ordinary. It’s an everyday thing for them. And that’s what we love the most about them – they can be chaotic, ruin our entire house and still look cute doing it. Scroll down below for more hilariously adorable cattos:

“We adopted a cat and weren’t told she was pregnant, 8 weeks later and here are the results”

Via u/nice_thighs



Via u/kittycatsrs

“My cat has been at the vet for a few nights due to some health concerns and the vet nurse sends little messages and pictures every night”

Via u/ItsMadelynn

“He taps the doorknob to let us know when he wants to go outside”


Via u/CaspyJ

“Thank goodness they’re back in stock”

Via u/PETA_Gamin

I used to have a coin box like this as a child.

Don’t forget to pay the cat tax from r/cats

Can I have some cat snuggles?

I haven’t seen ever a cute shopkeeper like this! from r/cats

Give that cat some playtime.

Kevin demanding playtime. from r/cats

Cute little baby.

Olive got spayed and hated wearing a cone. I thought she might like a onesie better, but it caused a full system shutdown. from r/cats

Sleeping anytime, anywhere.

Little guy fell asleep half out of his fish house from r/cats

Playing patty cake.

My cats “fighting” from r/cats

What did you think of these silly babies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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