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Cat Medley: A Compilation Of Wholesome Kitties

All of you cat people, rise and shine! It’s your time.

Cats are one of the most majestical creatures to exist on our planet. We can never be thankful enough for their existence in our lives. Our cats can go from being extremely adorable to being a complete a-hole within seconds. No human being has been able to understand their mysterious personalities to date. If we say that cats are a complete pack of entertainment that everyone needs in their life, it wouldn’t be a lie. Trust me, you won’t ever be lonely if you have a cat, and don’t even make me begin to talk about the health benefits that come along with it.


However, our today’s agenda is to appreciate our furry little felines and to make you laugh at their mischievous acts. In order to do that, we have compiled a list of some adorable, hilarious, and ridiculous cat posts to brighten up your day. Also, if any one of you who doesn’t own a cat yet has sneaked into this article, don’t worry. We won’t bite you. In fact, after seeing these posts, you might just end up getting a cat for yourself too! So, brace yourselves as the cat posts are coming!

1. Let’s start off with this little one sleeping so adorably!

Via u/tayyma

2. Meet Jones! He was captured during a grooming session and this is the result. Such a cutie!

Via u/tropicalginger

3. Binky is going through an acute phase of Parvo! We send our prayers for his speedy recovery!

Via u/VietteCintare

“Please send Binky some love! It’s his 4th day on the acute phase of Parvo. He’s confined at the vet. I visit him twice a day”

4. Oh God! Look at this one being all sassy! Can we ever be this sassy? Never. Never in a million years.

Via u/LostName666

5. We just love stories like these! Glad to see such people exist.

Via u/AdministrativePlan90

“Weather dropped to -9 degrees tonight, in preparation I trapped this feral cat and set her up in this kennel. Ate like a champ, worked the cold out of her bones, and then right to sleep.”

6. Appears like this cat knew that it’s a frame.

Via u/Hugibugi

7. Look at this one being all lazy and adorable.

Via u/TheConjecture

8. We just love the humor of your husband, honestly! I can’t stop laughing at this portrait!

Via u/BlueberrySmart9086

“I asked my husband to try and get a photo of our cats together and this is what he sent me”

9. A pregnant cat. Can’t wait for the update!

Via u/anilan0

“I saw this pregnant cat on roadside and now she is in my home. I think she will deliver soon like in a few days. Will update with new kittens”

10. This gorgeous kitty will be 18 soon!

Via u/182me

11. When you gotta play dead because your owner is about to leave for work.

Via u/curly_n_caffeinated

12. I wonder how confusing this could get for the owner.

Via u/impossible_daybreak

13. You don’t have to call a vet if your cat sleeps all day. Unless, you see other changes in your cat’s behavioral pattern as well.

Via u/Revolutionary-Sir-99

“My cat sleeps all day, is he sick? Should I call the vet?”

14. Meet Zoe! It’s her 1st birthday and she definitely looks surprised.

Via u/Carnyworld

15. Why do I feel like the wine is staring at me. Oh wait…

Via u/Old-Ad3814

16. That’s not a Titanic, it’s a cat.

Via u/jakesteck99

17. Meet Alice who recently turned 15.

Via u/AntiOxid1

18. They just keep getting cute every day.

Via u/bird_freakk

“3 weeks vs 8 months”

Oh no, the article ends here but don’t worry, we will keep on coming with more cat posts! Let us know which one did you like the most!


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