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17 Pets Who Made Their Humans Laugh Out Loud With Their Hilarious Acts

These pets know how to pose like a pro.

Having a pet means an unlimited source of entertainment available to you all the time. Your pet is your absolute entertainer. From putting their butt in your face to peeing in every corner of the house, they know how to keep you on your toes. No matter what they do to disrupt the peace in your life, you can’t resist those puppy eyes and that innocent kitty face. They know how to melt your heart in an instant.


Our full time entertainers also give us lots of adorable moments to capture. The faces they manage to pull out in every situation are so hilarious at times that you can’t resist but to capture the moment and share it with everyone. Internet is full of such rib-tickling pictures, and we have found some latest and most funny ones to share with you in this thread.

Scroll down to have a good laugh.

#1 Murray – the ginger cat – didn’t let anyone else to have a turn in the box so this catto came up with a better solution.

© Laugh_Salt / reddit

#2 “She thought he could reach the milk by licking the bowl”

© antisocialduckling / reddit

#3 The move was unexpected.

© PauseButton / reddit

#4 Look at this sploot master.

© delkmil / reddit

Pets bring so much joy and happiness to your life. Their company improves not only your social life but has good impact on your health too. Many studies proved that looking at your pet reduces stress and anxiety. No wonder they are an important part of our lives and we can’t imagine to live without our beloved pets.

#5 This sweet boy is waiting for the door to be opened after it was removed during renovations.

© thebestginger / reddit

#6 I need the same highlighter this dog is using.

© Uncle_Shasha / reddit

#7 Soaking up that sun to get some sexy tan.

© levelupmoose / reddit

#8 It took me a while to realize what was happening in this photo.

© MuchoTornado / reddit

#9 “Are you gonna drive or keep looking at me freak?”

© Ungorjj / reddit

#10 Pro tip: Find a place with perfect temperature and sleep.

© PandaInvasion2k17 / reddit

#11 “When you’re tired but your bed is lumpy because you didn’t put your toys away…”

© funfungiguy / reddit

#12 “My dog sticks his jaw into a hole in the ball for easy carrying everytime we are at the park.”

© Kangaroo- / reddit

#13 When you build a whole house for your dog to live in, but he decides to live over it.

© IvanthePotato / reddit

#14 Please follow instructions while assembling your dog.

© CamdanM / reddit

#15 Cats when you stop giving them attention for a nanosecond.

© speedycat2014 / reddit

#16 Best use of cup holders, ngl.

© EnoughAboutPrince / reddit

#17 “The look she gives when you’ve been playing video games all day.”

© unknown author / reddit

Hope you enjoyed looking at these adorable animals as much as we did. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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