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20 Times People Bought Cool Gifts For Their Pets But Weren’t Ready For Their Reaction

Everybody loves their pets and they are willing to do anything for them. A lot of pet owners spend a lot of money to make their lives comfortable, better, and more fun. But every effort can go in vain if a seller sends the wrong product. Cats and dogs are really choosy in this matter sometimes a cat refuses to appreciate their new bed, or a dog use their house for a different purpose, you never know. Pets can be pretty unpredictable. So here we have collected 20 plus people who bought cool gifts for their pets but they weren’t ready for their reaction. Scroll down to see their reaction, don’t forget to watch it till the end.

1. This was supposed to be like this but ended another way


Photo Credit: © 9999monkeys / Reddit

2. “So glad I bought my cat a window hammock.”


Photo Credit: © ArchipelagoMind / Reddit

3. This beautiful dog owner ordered automatic ball launcher but got a tennis ball instead


Photo Credit: © the_smush_push / Reddit© baaabaaab***h / Reddit

4. Whatever I do for my cat it all goes in vain


Photo Credit: © bofstein / Reddit

5. Seems like this doggo didn’t like his surprise


Photo Credit: © SoggyWotsits / Reddit

6. Well this book was supposed to be a gift for dog


Photo Credit: © FrenchiesRule / Imgur

7. That’s a comfortable bed but I won’t sleep in it says Mr. Cat

Photo Credit: © deemadigan / Twitter

8. This is one thankful doggo at least the smile on their face is same


Photo Credit: © joeltb / Reddit

9. Dogs aren’t picky in general.

Photo Credit: © neburvlc / Reddit

10. Well this is a nice gift for this kitty cat


Photo Credit: © Antoine_LSTF / Reddit

11. When you order something online


12. This was supposed to be a little larger


Photo Credit: © jakkiwoo / Reddit

13. Here comes to whole lump of cat food

Photo Credit: © roastedbagel / Reddit

14. We don’t like this new sofa, we are comfortable in this box take it back


Photo Credit: © BYUNGHUT / Reddit

15. This owner has 2 cat trees and cat beds all over the place but this cat refuses to sleep on them rather he sleep in a fake tree

Photo Credit: © theotherbowoon / Twitter

16. Well what’s he gonna do with all this now?


Photo Credit: © jamiej27 / Reddit

17. Enjoy this sandwich

Photo Credit: © KuzyT / Pikabu

18. Owner bought a XL banana bed for his cat but this is what he does with his bed


Photo Credit: © blackkitteh19 / Reddit

19. I guess he is offended because there is only 1 bed side table

Photo Credit: © gluk7c5 / Pikabu

20. This cat thinks that this automatic cat feeder will feed this cat on his own so she sits for hours waiting for it to feed her


Photo Credit: © Moohcow / Reddit

21. Identical twins

Photo Credit: © ThurstonWaffles / Twitter

22. When you are totally disappointed with online shopping


Photo Credit: © Zacitus / Reddit

These reaction of cats are priceless. A lot of people catch disappointment when they order something online and this is the case here too. Let us know which one of these pictures are your favorite in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned for more content.



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