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25 Animal Photos That Are Delivering The Joy Boost We Need For The Week

Spending time with animals brings you pure joy!

Hello everyone! It’s the third day of the week and we are already feeling tired, feeling all the stress of the work and our energy seems low for the rest of the week. We need to restore our energy to get on our feet and what can do it better than some cute animal photos that are full of pawsitivity and good vibes? Animals are the sweetest and a great source of an emotional detox. Today, we have 25 animal photos that will deliver the joy boost you need for the rest of the week. Scroll down for the cutest photos.

1. Samantha is turning 11 this Saturday:


Via u/Grey_Gryphon

2. When you are hiding but someone takes out food:


Via u/Misterfuk

3. This golden retriever is enjoying pool time.


Via u/Divit_Dua

4. The sad face he makes when you don’t turn towards the park:


Via u/pupsaurus

5. “Mr. Dracula, the vampire hedgehog”


Via u/Agitated_Gur_2826

6. Mom: I will protect you from this cruel world, my son.


Via u/shizzleurtizzle

7. Golden ratio puppy.

Via u/ahf95

8. Which towel do you want, sir?


Via u/Frazzer951

9. He took a quick nap after eating strawberry jam and we had a mini heart attack until he woke up.

Via u/felipebsr

10. Never knew owls can be cute until we saw this:


Via u/usamarafiq

11. “Someone isn’t taking this whole wedding thing serious…”

Via u/vladgrinch

The only person who made this wedding interesting and memorable was this doggo.

12. “Statue commissioned by residents in Istanbul in honor of the local street cat”


Via u/Jeremy_Martin

Who loves street cats more than Istanbul? We all need to learn a lesson from Istanbul. Istanbul has the happiest and healthiest stray cats in the world. The way its people take care of, feed and love stray cats is inspiring. Well, all animals deserve love and respect since they provide us with pure happiness. These animals are delivering the purrfect joy boost we need to restore our energy for the rest of the week.

13. He was so smol when he was adopted. Look at him now.

Via u/SnooMacaroons1562

14. “This is Enzo and it looks like the void has touched him”


Via u/RyansVlogs

15. Samantha, the good gurl has turned 11.

Via u/Grey_Gryphon

Everyone is welcome to her birthday party.

16. “A majestic cross fox”


Via u/_SP3CT3R

17. She has come straight out of Disney.

Via u/Unicornglitteryblood

18. When you are doing your thing and not giving her attention, she would sit there staring into your eyes until you give her attention.


Via u/Justforsexythings

Human, how can you ignore her?

19. “This is my puppy Eevee, only one of her ears has stood up and it’s stupidly cute”

Via u/Justforsexythings

20. When you hide in the fridge to steal food and your human opens the door of the fridge:


Via u/ipogosov

21. “This cat looks like it’s holding a little cat-sized machine gun”

Via u/Oscar980777o

Two shots fired and we are already down for her.

22. “My niece just got a puppy. I think he likes her.”


Via u/WearingSocksToBed\

We think he loves her.

23. When you volunteer at a doggy daycare:

Via u/seattledjent

What a dream job looks like!

24. “If he winks at your girlfriend you’re single”


Via u/The_Mr_Menager

25. We can’t decide if we look at her ears or her heart?

Via u/tvich1015

Aww, this cat is just pawfect. Smol, cute and adorable. We hope you enjoyed this list of adorable animals. Comment down to let us know if these animals have boosted your energy.


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