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Cute Kittens Who’re Ready For Their First Sneak Attacks

We’re back and we’re here to talk about our favorite creatures – Cats. These adorable little floof-balls are literally worth melting for! Their funny shenanigans, extreme moodiness, the ability to boss people around, and of course, how can we ever forget; their cuteness. These little munchkins can literally do the worst of things and still manage to get away with it so easily! They can break glasses, bowls, computers, attack you, jump on you, whatever – you name it, and all they have to do is just show their owners a cute little face to be forgiven. I mean, who could ever resist those big round eyes and innocent AF face? Not me, for sure!

But why exactly do they do this? Well, we will answer that for you! Because it is their natural instinct. We’re talking about their sneak attacks! Yep. Believe it or not these tiny lil creatures were made for this! They are merely just enhancing their natural abilities. So, When these babies are wiggling their butts and getting ready to ‘attack’ you, let them! Trust us, they won’t hurt you and it’ll be cute AF.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down and find out yourself!

1. Don’t mind me…

Via reddit

I’m just ‘hiding’ until I find something to attack

2. If someone is as cute as this kitty,

Via cobythecat

They can attack me all the time

3. That face actually says it all!


Don’t come close to me hooman, or I will attaccc

4. Excuse me, why are you SO TINY?

Via d3333p7

Confused that ball for a kitten. Oops, my bad.

5. I’ve finally caught you,

Via mayaxs

Hands up!

6. Is that a rat?

Via zaynthelegend

Idk what this rats picture is doing in this article about cats…

7. Trying to camouflage

Via imgur

Definitely working!

8. Me playing hide and seek;

Via reddit

So good at it!

9. You’re finally awake, hooman.

Via reddit

Do you know how long I’ve been staring at you like this?

10. Spot the cat?

Via ashbashley3

Nope, can’t see at all!

11. Get ready to hear a tiny little scared ‘meow’

Via mmmmpork

Lowkey feel sorry for this little one in the front but I know they’ll have lots of fun playing!

12. Alright, I’d be scared…

Via ARussianAndHisBike

And then I’ll start cuddling this cutie

Were you thinking about closing this article? Nope, not so soon! We’ve got so many more of these cuties for you. So sit back and enjoy! There is no rush. Especially not for these little ones who can win our hearts just by their pictures. IDK HOW they manage to do that. Anyhow, you! should keep scrolling!

13. Pretty sure this one would fall asleep in this position as well.

Via PicklewrapYT

Come here, let me give you some pets.

14. That’s exactly how I look at unattended food!

Via remichelle

Permission to pounce = granted.

15. Hiding in the darkest of the shadows…

Via ik3gdvip

Catch me if you can.

16. Not sure if this one is ‘roaring’ or ‘meowing’

Via reddit

You tell me!

17. Oh no… How am I ever going to survive this massive attacc

Via judenotjudas

Butt be wiggling and she be attaccing!


Via ARussianAndHisBike

I could stare at them all day

19. Umm, hello there. Please don’t give scare me like that

20. Wait, What is it?

Via ThoughtlessBanter

I can’t see anything…

21. This one probably never suspected a thing!

Via Tutuzilla

22. Was just about to punch until…

Via reddit

This big AF sofa devoured me. – Cat

23. I’d love waking up to this everyday

Via reddit

Just being honest!

24. Excuse me, who told you to be THIS cute?

Via imgur


25. Already these kinda attacks are accepted and encouraged here

Via AxMAY_

Do your thing lil one.

Didn’t we tell you these were the cutest? I feel like getting more and more kittens just so I can look at them doing weird things all day and fall in love with them even more! If you feel the same as I do, you can always contact your local shelters and adopt a cat or even foster one! Another thing that you can do is share this with everyone you love to put a smile on their faces. Don’t forget to comment which one was your favorite!


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