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18 Heartwarming Photos Featuring Cute And Wholesome Animals

Animals are perfect for the weekend mood.

Weekend is around the corner and most of us are feeling tired. We have the perfect solution to make your weekend better and we hope you have already guessed it. Yes, it’s about your favorite animals. We are back with a wholesome collection of cute animals from all around the world that are just purrfect for the weekend mood. Forget everything, grab a bottle of water and get ready for the unlimited fun that is coming your way. Scroll down to browse through this wholesome list of animals.

1. “Nothing cooler than rescued baby bats necklace lol.”

Via u/ConstantPlastic100

Who needs a diamond necklace when you can have a bats necklace?

2. “This is Jax, 13 years old and can’t walk very far, so we got him a sled for our winter walks!”


Via u/naturalhiker705

Jax is so like us. We also need a sled because we do not want to walk.

3. “Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat, celebrating his 31st birthday. (141 in human years)”


Via u/JediWithAnM4

Happy Birthday, Nutmeg. May you live a long and healthy life.

4. When your catto would not stop sitting on the keypad:


Via u/No-Statistic1an

5. Welcome to the doggos’ world.


Via u/adamchain

“In 2017, 576 Border Collies Showed Up at a Park in Australia to Break a World Record.”

6. When you are sick and have been in your bed all day and your cat brings you a Christmas ornament.


Via u/HelpfulPhotograph185

7. When you meet your cat after six months of separation:


Via u/EndureAndPR

8. Amazon knows cats are obsessed with empty boxes.


Via u/boogerpeanut

9. It’s her 15th birthday. Everyone, wish this pretty girl “A Happy Birthday”.


Via u/StPaddy81

10. Got to see this on a public bus in Cairo.


Via u/ClubA0

So cute, so little and so calm while traveling in a public bus. She is resting on her owner’s shoulder like a little baby. Thank you to her owner for traveling with her on a public bus. We are sure she would have made everyone’s day better by showing up with a little ball of fluff who is full of pawsitivity and good vibes. She must have made everyone smile. Scroll down for more animal photos.

11. In case, you are missing me. I am here.

Via u/Ali_Elkahtani_3519

12. “Before and after”


Via u/vladgrinch

What did she eat?

13. When you have an owl family living in your balcony:

Via u/Pazluz

14. “My owl friend who lives in the tree in my front yard”


Via u/Biff37

He looks like a part of the tree.

15. “Just caught this guy while running from a cat. He was super friendly and didn’t even try to run from me. He eve. Let me pick him up. Is he domestic or a stray? I have no idea and don’t know what to do.”

Via u/nunhappy

Maybe pet him.

16. Cute rides with a cute companion:


Via u/matloffsdf

17. Nothing like a mother’s love.

Via u/Salivn892

18. “I know pitbulls get a bad rap, but Chance is a good boy.”


Via u/NorthernJoey

Do animals make your day better? Do they bring a smile to your face? Comment down to let us know which of the animals from our list made you smile today.


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