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19 Times People Hilariously Got Conned When They Were Getting Pets

Everything is not as it seems.

Have you ever been conned by a salesperson? They can be really sneaky, you know. They will make you believe you need a product really, really badly when you don’t even know what it is. Well, that is the power of having good sales skills to have people agree with you without them even knowing much about the subject. A good salesman can convince you to buy something that you weren’t even planning to get.


People like me, who can’t say no, end up buying things out of peer pressure. I’m not proud of it, but hey, I helped someone make money. Buying pets is very different from buying products. You should do some research about the type of pet you’re going to get and how you’re going to take care of it before going to the pet store or shelter. People who don’t know much about animals go to shops to buy pets and end up with pigs in a poke. Scroll down below to see 19 people who got conned when they were getting pets:

1. “We were told that this was a toy terrier.”

© CarlaAlcorta / twitter

A life-sized toy.

2. “This is Fubla, the Sphynx cat. She was bald when she was a kitten but then she started to suddenly grow fur.”


© Natalitta / Pikabu

Miracles do happen.

3. “I was actually buying a poodle, but so much time has passed since then.”


© CamiTamara / twitter

Yeah, that is definitely a poodle.

4. “This is my so-called Shar-Pei.”


© AlanissAlegre21 / twitter

“My preciousss.”

5. “Are you a poodle or dachshund? I don’t think we’ll ever know.”


© CariEngler / twitter

Why can’t it be both?

6. “This is the ’poodle’ my sister presented to our parents.”


© CamilaYaez7 / twitter

She looks happy with whatever identity she gets.

7. “We were assured that he would not grow heavier than 4.4 lb. But the dog weighs 15.4 lb now and continues to grow. I think I got a polar bear.”


© belru4 / twitter

OMG! I want a polar bear too!

8. “My mother was told that it was a mixed breed of a hound dog and a chihuahua. 6 years have passed, but the chihuahua hasn’t revealed itself yet.”


© BarbaraSaenger2 / twitter

What do you mean by “dog?” That’s Dobby.

9. “I was told that this was a chow-chow, and we didn’t think he’d grow up to be so big.”


© iarasangiov / twitter

German Chow Chow.

These people got conned, but I don’t see any of them complaining. That’s because pets have a way of occupying a place in our hearts. When it comes to love, specie or breed should not matter. Don’t go after fancy and expensive breeds, just look for a best friend that will love you unconditionally. You’ll be much happier with that rather than having a show-pet.

10. “And this is my Persian cat…”


© Mariinalucia / twitter

Oh, I think they meant Purrsian.

11. “I wanted to buy that dog but got this one instead.”

© BonilllaAgus / twitter

Aw, come on. He just needs a bath.

12. “This is my German Shepherd. He’s just short and wears makeup on his eyebrows.”


© NicoGuajardo73 / twitter

I have at least three different dog breeds on my mind right now.

13. “’ He’ll hardly grow, he will always be the size of a puppy,’ they told me.”

© aguschina__ / twitter

No dog is ever “too big.”

14. “We were told that he wouldn’t leave a lot of fur around the house.”


© QuestoNonVaBene / twitter

No pain, no gain.

15. “We thought it was a little purebred puppy. But he turned out to be a 9-ft-long greyhound.”

© NapolitanoAylen / twitter

Who cares if he’s purebred or not?

16. “She was supposed to be a Persian cat. And I swear she looked like one when she was a kitten.”


© miliortiz_8 / twitter

Do you know what she really is? She’s beautiful!

17. “My parents allowed me to get a dog because he was supposed to stay small. But no matter what, he’s still living with us.”

© malerey_ / twitter

The bigger, the better!

18. “I was told that she’d be a medium-sized dog. But now, I have a real pony running around my house.”


© Patoparedes23 / twitter

That scarf reminds me of Prison Mike.

19. “Stop complaining, I got a gremlin instead of a dog.”

© oscar_aguera99 / twitter

I should not have laughed this loud.

Have you ever been betrayed by a pet salesman? What did you think you were getting and what did you actually get? Let us know in the comments below!


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