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Dealership Screws Customer, They Get Justice When Management Finds Out

Car trouble is a hassle even when everyone involved actually wants to resolve the issue instantly because it’s such frustrating right? However, when a dealership goes to great lengths to make the process as difficult as possible, things can rapidly become a nightmare. After being advised they didn’t have the guts or the funds to sue the dealership over their assery, this person ended up in this situation.


That’s the strange thing about disagreements over a few hundred dollars. It’s a game of chicken to see who wants to involve the authorities. It’s not a small sum of money, and losing it would be awful, but it’s not enough to wreck your life. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on the internet regarding how to file a claim in small claims court.

They had a pretty good case put together, but it was the Deus Ex Machina of power suit lady who set things straight.

For a cartoonish tale of transactional glory, here’s the employee who pulled a reversal on a customer’s coin revenge by counting it all out.

Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end otherwise you are not going to get the whole point here.

1. Oh that’s a tragedy let’s see what happened

Font - Posted by u/functiOnalPsychOpath 21 hours ago 2 2 e3 3 6 Dealership said sue, so I did. oc L This all started December of last year and just finished last week. So bought a car from one of those buy here and pay here places. I love the "car" it's a Mazda 5 from 2014, basically the smallest minivan I've ever seen. Well on Christmas we drove to some family for dinner and celebration. When we went to leave the car would not start.

2. Imagine your car is just got wrecked and you are in the middle of nowhere it sucks right?

Font - We checked everything and found out the horn wasn't even connected, any fuse that wasn't absolutely needed was simply missing and the tires were thr original tires... Beyond that we hooked up to the computer and it read several errors but the one getting in the way was the immobilizer. I had never known the van had one. I called AAA and set up towing but because we were in the middle of nowhere AAA couldn't get a tow truck to us under our membership (free) so we had to call a tow truck an

3. I mean why can’t they touch it without talking to the dealer?

Font - So family let us borrow their car and the van was towed to a shop. A few days later and the shop calls and tell us what's wrong. I live in texas, a single party consent state and i record all my calls thanks to an app on my phone. The long list if car issues isn't important, the point of this van is a basic work van. The only issue they found stopping it from running is the immobilizer is active and they can't touch it without talking to the dealer. I 3way call the dealership and the shop

4. We all believe in Reddit supremacy

Font - All the shop needed to do to get the van running was bypass the immobilizer and a couple days later we picked up the can and paid the bill. Both bills came to just under $300 and we started calling the dealership. The first few conversations go well and the phone rep seem interested in helping. but mostly I end up getting tossed around from department to department and then disconnected. That went on for some time and I of course took to reddit to find out options. As almost always happen

5. Okay, so you want to get sued? Alright.

Font - So I followed their advice and kept calling eventually getting to a supervisor and the first supervisor said he'd get it taken care of and we ended the call. Two more days go by and nothing is heard. So I call back, get tossed around and then get another manager who says "we are not responsible for mechanical issues and hangs up. I call back now quite annoyed and eventually get back to the same manager. I explain I have all the information and call recordings including the repair shop 3wa

6. Next time you need any help feel free to ask Reddit

Font - This of course made me quite upset. So off to a justice of the peace and explain what's happened. They give us a small claims form and explain the process. We can fill it out and pay for a constable to serve the dealership or fill out the paper and take it to the dealership unfiled and explain everything to a manager in person. We chose the cheaper route because the manager on the phone was right, we didn't have the money to have it served, only filed. So we transcribed the phone calls. F

7. Yes I still do have that recording

Font - I wait in line and see the name of the manager is the same as the manager on the phone that told me to sue. I wait in line and when it's my turn I ask to talk to John and he comes over and sits across from me, after making introductions and I confirm it's the same guy I start to explain the situation again. As I'm explaining I see when he recalls talking to me on the phone. Se starts to dismiss me and I explain that he asked me to sue and I'm here with all my evidence and the unfixed suit

8. All praise to the power suit lady

Font - At this our conversation drew the attention of a woman in a power suit who rushes over for a recap. I find out she's John's bosses bosses boss and she's none too happy about how far things have gone. She assured me that all would be made right and gave me her cell number and email I gave her the papers and left. The next Monday at 8:00am I got a call asking if credit being applied to the account would be acceptable. I say yes and she explains they will credit $500 to the account as paymen
Dealerships sometimes can make one furious, and fed up due to their pathetic services and policies. OP was lucky to dodge all these obstacles that he was facing regarding his car, and he was lucky enough that the payment was already done by the company. Car problems are quite irritating, next time you are having troubles and need some guidance, feel free to ask Reddit. You’ll get the best of the answers here for your questions.
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