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50 Of The Derpiest Cats Caught On Camera (New Pics)

Initially, we gave you an insight into the 50 derpiest dogs, now we came up with its cat edition for all those who prefer cats over dogs. They are pristine in nature; they are elegant and graceful, but at the same time they can be hilarious and silly too which can add up to the derpy-ness.

These incidents cats face on a daily basis can predict a lot about their behavioral changes to predict if something is wrong. It is better to make sure that there is nothing wrong. Experts at Acoma Animal Clinic suggest considering three options:

Stress from any major life changes that have recently occurred, can impact your cat too. They are sensitive in nature so they can easily sense any discomfort in their owner and stress out themselves too. This stress can affect its mood too, if there is too much of anything or the addition of an individual or any effect on family dynamics can increase the levels of stress for cats.

1. Three cats sleeping together as humans do, lying on their back.

Via Potential_Border6287

2. The concept of gravity just does not apply to this cat, it is quite the opposite.

Via ClashIdeas

Extra grooming, being a bit too needy, decrease in appetite, aggression, and withdrawal can be indicators that the cat is under stress and we should take steps to allow them to de-stress. Giving the right nutrition, hiding places, and scratching posts can help cats.

3. The cat has just not gotten over the Halloween phase as of yet. I don’t blame her either.

Via wet-robot

4. After reading a “Good Morning” text from bae can get anyone blushing real quick.

Via braceofjackrabbits

Depression can impact cats too as they can experience some episodes of loneliness, drastic environmental changes can make cats more; irritable, get them hissing, lazy, wanting to be left alone. Feline depression can be looked through these signs, if they are behaving differently than how they were prior to these symptoms can be indicators for depression. Keeping them busy with toys, leaving the blinds up, showering attention can ease the pet back into normal life.

5. “Draw me like one of your french girls”, The cat has no idea what is being sketched.

Via ZeeCapE

6. The cat learned her lesson of never trying to taste the artificial plant ever.

Via akasaiga

7. Funny how the human is chill but the cat is holding onto the staircase as if she is about to die.

Via supercj926

8. Isn’t it adorable to have a cat face popping out of your hoodie’s sleeves?

Via JackLegg

Sickness can easily be hidden by cats from prey in order to survive. This can be an issue for owners to identify if the cat is actually sick or not. Major weight gain or loss can be immediate indicators alongside their appetite, bowel movements, urination, vomiting. It is just easy to make sure to keep a lookout for symptoms and listen to your heart for signs of sickness.

9. The cat is trying its best to be as subtle as it can be, hidden behind the plant.

Via aloofloofah

10. The snow is crucial to play around with first thing in the morning.

Via muttoutpickety

11. The oscar award goes to the cat for “Best Acting role in playing dead”.

Via osogood

12. The cats were good at walking on the floor, they are even better at walking on the ceiling.

Via Bigdawgz86

13. She seems to be hanging by the window to dry out its fur after a shower.

Via VQ37HR911

14. It is cute to see how they don’t even realize how hilarious they look sometimes.

Via kee-mosabe

15. The cat has to walk around the circumference of the bathtub and definitely have to fall in the tub to get bubbles on its face.

Via schizbouncer

16. The cat has officially decided to stand up straight to show who the boss is.

Via unnaturalorder

17. If you cannot go to the salon to get the perfect perm, might as well improvise while being at home.

Via ThaanksIHateIt

18. The cat tried its best to get past the space but seems like someone stuck but is trying to act cool and chill.

Via 500CatsTypingStuff

19. Is this not the most comfortable position to sleep in? I can see the comfort screaming at the top of its lungs.

Via nanstein

20. The cat is confused about how humans can be tiny in size too and still be called humans.

Via mariela4435

21. The perfect hack 101 for getting the attention of your cat too.

Via RepulsiveWishbone818

22. While humans go about their day, it is only fair if we improvise with them and invade their space too.

Via HookLove

23. This cat looks just too cute to give any comment on it, TOO ADORABLE!!

Via blek_blek

24. If you cannot get rid of the cat, the cat cannot get rid of the shoe. Pick one of your choices.

Via zchocolatemoose

I am surely enjoying cats doing all sorts of things, actions, and behaviors that are entertaining me after a long day from the hustle and bustle. I hope you are enjoying this just as much as I am!

25. The cat is holding onto the owner for all the comfort and love it can possibly get.

Via emperilsourbellys

26. The cat has just seen a bit too much being behind the washer. Trauma kicked in quicker than anticipated.

Via A_minus_A

27. I hope you didn’t just fall for a cat trying to give us optical illusions.

Via TheNewPlum

28. The cat just does not care and nor does the dog, they both just have to get through the day.

Via JollyPeaches

29. The cat is already drooling all over to the voice of treats.

Via GutterLoveMusic

30. How can the cactus possibly fight the cat? The cat has her techniques ready to administer on the cactus.

Via chloebrockx

31. The eyes just speak louder than words can, they look just too cute.

Via Full_Manager_4782

32. The cat is clearly hinting as to what exactly does it want, just give it to him already before you’re getting pawed.

Via jayy8143

33. The cat hunter is unique in its own way and we are up for such a cutie.

Via Thund3rbolt

34. They both are envious and jealous of each other’s presence right there and then.

Via  Milkway_

35. He seems to be satisfied as long as the food is served on the dining table.

Via OffensiveandLoud

36. While human is busy with their work, they can just chill, looking out the window.

Via ifallupthestairsalot

37. Who needs a pointing laser beam when you have cats for that?

Via leahhopexx

38. While we lay back and chill, cats can possibly do the exact same on their lap.

Via MAOspeedwagon

39. The cat seems to be traumatized from the bath it just took.

Via dreadymama314

40. When you are forced to smile for the perfect picture vs how it actually looks like.

Via PuzzleheadedCard6554

41. “Did you just mention that there is a quiz today in class?”

Via Bright_Conference_32

42. The cat is scared that it is gonna fall in the sink and get wet again.

Via downriverrowing

43. There is a mother done with her kids fussing around in the background.

Via AccidentallyWarm

44. The tent is alive with all the facial features that should be present.

Via YeetLePotato

45. Who said cats cannot imitate humans trying to take your tounges out.

Via gbonii

46. Cats are just that good at taking their tongue out than humans themselves.

Via nomorefaces

47. The cat definitely did not see that one coming.

Via SalaryIcy3531

48. When you are just done with your life and want a getaway already.

Via lilAZN99

49. The only time the cat can be comforted is when the owner holds it upside down.

Via violinfiddleman

50. Who needs siblings fighting with one another when pets can do the same.

Via crasshumor

Here were the top 50 pics we had to share to entertain our audience with every move of cats that just do not fail to entertain us, what are your thoughts on all this?


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