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Hilarious Depiction By Artist Of How Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Went To A Psychologist

Disney princesses and psychologists, a match made in heaven. Or is it?

Disney, to be very fair, has been very unrealistic throughout time. Everything just seems so perfect where as in reality the proceedings are absolutely opposite. The princesses are empowered to a level that eventually all goes well for them. Their stress management abilities are literally off the charts. I really don’t know how they all do it bur apparently it is possible if you are graphically designed and your voices are dubbed by human beings. And whenever they are in trouble, magically a prince charming will get an indication and come to the princesses’ rescue.


This fantasy worked out really well and put us all in awe bur also in a dilemma because such things are non existence in real life. Now that we are in 2022 and not in the 1990s anymore, we fully realize that those stories were solely created for us to have a good time and have nothing to do with reality. A Venezuelan artist, Maria Guadarrama, decided to take this match making upon herself. She sprinkled some reality into the Disney world. She creatively ties mental health issues with the Disney princesses and showcases how it would be like if a Disney princess was to visit a psychologist.

The results are hilarious! Scroll down below to enjoy!

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1. The question we have all been wanting to ask, finally got asked. Thanks, Mr. Giraffe.

2. Princess Snow White being lectured over how we shouldn’t be this nice to everyone and definitely shouldn’t trust anyone without a proper risk assessment.

Hopefully she will understand and won’t make such errors in the future.


3. Just letting Ariel know about the big blunders she has made and how she devalues everything the world has done for woman empowerment.


4. Here’s Aurora in a meeting with her psychologist being taught the true meaning and importance of consent.


It looks like Aurora learnt something new today.

5. Ladies and Gentleman, the question has finally been answered. Elsa let it go.


Oh my god! Guada fully deserved all our respect for what they did with this. The ideology is so different, unique, and creative. I think these stories were made to show us the dreamy aspect of life. And we feel like a realistic aspect needed to be portrayed as well, for which we deeply thank the artist.

And not going to lie, the reality checks are absolutely hilarious. I mean, it does make all the princesses sound very dumb.

6. Mulan having to meet her psychologist to discuss some crucial matters.

Honestly the things these Princesses did in their time, I don’t understand how they survived without any sessions with psychologists.


7. If you deeply think of Princess Jasmine’s arc with Aladdin, yiu will realize how twisted everything was. The picky Princess finally chose her “one” who actually was a liar.


8. Where would Belle be today if it wasn’t for her counsellor to cover up her mess and save her ass.


A Captor is a captor, Belle. No matter what.

9. If Rapunzel was in 2022, she would have had no issues with the quarantine.


10. Cinderella just got told the truth and we don’t really know how she will be able to cope with it.

Reality checks are often disappointing. You just have to accept them and live with them.


I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Do share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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