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Dog Shaped Clouds That Prove All Doggos Go To Heaven

Do dogs really go to heaven? Is there really a “Rainbow Bridge” that helps them cross the barrier between this world and the other? Or do dogs just cease to exist? These questions have been asked by people for centuries and the answer to this has been weighed in over by expert theologians from various fields. According to many of them, yes, animals probably DO go to heaven.


Our furry friend is not just an animal, he is part of our household and an important factor in our daily activities. It’s a heart-wrenching fact that dogs die and many of us go through the pain of the death of a family pet which leaves us broken and torn on the inside. And to soothe the pain, we may begin to wonder where are they now? Will we ever see them again? These questions are valid. Let’s try to find the answer in light of some Pastor’s sayings. “I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there (in Heaven), I believe he’ll be there.” This was said by Rev. Billy Graham, often called “America’s Pastor”, about dogs which make our head clear as to what may be the destiny of dogs after they die.

A peculiar thing has happened to most of us and that is making shapes out of clouds. This article is all about that but to support our point further, we’ll be talking about dog clouds only. Isn’t it beautiful that sometimes you go on a road trip and look out of the car at the clouds? You lost your dog years ago, wondered where it went after death but suddenly you see the shape of clouds just like him? It makes your heart go warm because yes, you were right. Your dog did go to heaven and it’s his shadow in the sky so infinite and clear.

1. Some guardian angels have paws

It is of no surprise to us that some guardian angels come to protect us with their paws. They are actually dogs who are there for us even when they die. They’re so loyal and sincere that they’ll be there for you even when they don’t have a soul anymore. They’ll still look longingly at you from up in heaven.

2. A viral picture of a doggy cloud


As the red and golden hues of light-saturated the sky, an image of a dog sitting in the clouds appeared. This picture went viral on social media because of the striking resemblance it has to a dog and had many people wondering that dogs who have died are actually their guardian angels looking upon them.

3. Our beloved dog


You probably wonder what heaven is like. If you’re a fellow dog lover you must think it might be some sort of a dog palace where dogs are well fed and well kept. They are happy there with their dog families and one day you’re going to meet your furry friend and tell him how much you missed him.

4. That’s my doggo!



It’s a well-known fact that people love dogs and when we love something, we fail to establish the concept of getting over that love. Or that love simply finishing. Hence, we develop ideas based on the fact that love never dies and exists in some shape or form in our life even when it’s truly gone.

5. Not one picture is similar to another!


It’s an intriguing fact that there isn’t a single picture that is similar to another. Just like their earth counterparts, all angel dogs are different and unique in their own way which makes it way more interesting.

6. Here’s another proof!


The best advice that remains after this article is to love our dogs unconditionally and enjoy their company while they are here in this world with us. rest assured, leave the future in God’s hands. He sees everything and nothing is hard for Him to do. He knows how much we love our pets and He will definitely take that into account when our pet is separated from us.

Have you ever observed dog-shaped clouds in the sky? What were they like? Do share your pictures in the comments below and add to this ever-growing dog angel list. Cheers!


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