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20 Doggos Who Deserve Unlimited Belly Rubs For Being Good Boys And Girls

Do you have a good boy in your house? Of course, we are talking about dogs. The one who is known as the human’s best companion, and the one who is the epitome of love and friendship.


Every dog eventually turns into a good boy, but at times, when these creatures are not on their best behaviors, then it’s nearly impossible for us to scold them or punish them. Why? Because of their innocent expressions, their sad floppy ears, and the way they sit in front of us after creating a mess. Whether they chewed our shoes or created a mess in the kitchen, we simply ignore these kinds of stuff. We fail to utter a word or are unable to say anything to them and always end up with loads of hugs and cuddles.

Anyways, no matter how bad boys they become, we will cherish, adore, and love them unconditionally. And this love can never be replaced by anything else in the world. So, we’ve compiled a list of 20 good fluffy boys who are deserving of a good belly rub and plenty of affection. So, keep scrolling down and check out this aw-dorable compilation of dogs that is enough to bring a paw-sitivity into your life!

1. Is he acting like a kangaroo?

Via Sirjangly / reddit

“My dog realized she can stand in the pool.”

2. Watching your dog’s face in the morning is the best way to start the day.

via lostcatfoundcat / reddit

“What I see when I wake up, and his face when he realizes I’m awake.”

3. Dogs are the best caretaker!

Via  nycblackout89 / reddit

“My dog heard me throwing up and came to check on me.”

4. You can’t sleep peacefully if you own a dog.

Via  mcut202 / reddit

“I just learned from my girlfriend that this is how my dog sleeps with me every night.”

5. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching your dog eagerly waiting for you.

Via © BenVenn / reddit

“Walter waits by the front gate every Monday for his friends, ’the binmen’, who always shower him with love and treats. 11/10 patient boy!”

6. No one dares to touch my girl!

Via  jlarsen420 / reddit

“This is how my dog shows that he likes my girlfriend.”

7. This pup needs some appreciation!

Via  MixedupMaeson / reddit

“He found the biggest pine cone he’s ever seen! He was so proud of himself that he pulled it out of a bush to show me.”

8. Priceless smile!

Via  GRIZZLYCC / reddit

“Did someone say cheese?”

9. Simply shower your dog with affection and you’ll receive an abundance of it in return.

Via CaptainBicycle / reddit

“I love walking my dog because he turns around and looks at me with this happy face every 5 minutes.”

10. If you own a dog, your life becomes full of happiness. Because they won’t let you feel down.

Via TheZenScientist / reddit

“This happens every time I get audibly frustrated.”

11. They won’t leave you alone no matter what!

Via Thaimae / reddit

“My dog was extremely tired but just had to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

12. Dogs are the most innocent creatures on this entire globe!

Via  dangdabit710 / reddit

“I had vacuumed and forgot to put his steps back up against the couch. Came in to find him like this.”

13. Well-mannered dogs are the best ones.

Via  uhxkatie / reddit

“My friend owns a salon. His client asked if she could bring her dog since he’s well behaved. This was him the entire appointment.”

14. Just give them some attention and love, and they will always listen to you.

Via  rson_ieid / reddit

“I ’chained’ him down while I went back inside to get my jacket. Came back out to a very good boy.”

15. Attention seeker dog!

Via Twitter

“Sometimes you have to behave like a bad boy to attract your human’s attention.”

16. Good Boi!

Via  4-me / reddit

“My puppy isn’t very good at being bad. He took a snack from the kitchen then came to show me in the bathroom.”

17. They are the perfect photobomber!

Via  Instagram

18. “What are you doing here, hooman?”

Via  Dragynwing / reddit

“I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don’t live in the salon 24/7.”

19. The best thing you will see today on the internet!

Via Twitter

20. Throw them all, buddy!

Via Jekyll14 / reddit

Does your dog behave like a good boy? Let us know in the comments section below!


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