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20 Kitties That Will Bring A Smile To Your “Monday Morning” Face

Adorable kittens can help you fight the Monday blues by bringing a smile to your face.

Wake up, go to work, come back home, sleep and repeat. This is our life nowadays. Our lives have become so much busy and stressed that we hardly get time for beautiful memories and wholesome moments. With this hectic routine and artificial lives, we wonder what can make our lives better? What can put a smile on our faces in such times? Kitties. Yes, only kitties can do this purrfectly and especially when they are small in size. Who wouldn’t smile to see a small kitten? Even the gloomiest of the people would feel happy to see the adorable faces of the little kittens. On the days, when you don’t want to go to your job, these little kittens will give you the energy to get up and make your mood a lot better. Here, we have a wholesome collection of kittens that will bring a smile to your Monday Morning faces. So, scroll down if you want to fight the Monday blues.


1. “His favorite spot while waiting for the vet!”

© Blondiebabe-20 / reddit

2. How life with cats looks like:


© KevinBeyer / Reddit

3. “The moment she became a daddy’s girl.”


© potentiallycinematic / Reddit

4. Little tiger roaring.


© ThisIsFlaming_Drag0n

5. What’s better than sleeping in your owner’s lap?


© nkt_chu / Twitter

6. “Itty bitty kitter”


© DomesticChaos / reddit

7. Meet this rare floating cat.


© сhingum / reddit

8. Woke up like this:


© lordnjerd / reddit

9. Sleep anywhere, everywhere.


© jasontaken / reddit

10. Meet Betty, the cutest kitten.


© ferinheight / reddit

Is not it the cutest thing on Earth to adopt a kitten? Wow. A kitten is exactly like a human baby and demands love exactly like a human baby. A kitten is a fluffball of love and happiness that brings joy to your life Your kitten will keep you busy while making sure you stay happy. You will start sharing your life with the smallest creatures who will make you smile with the simplest of the things that they do. The way they sleep or the way they come to you for food, everything about these smol kittens make us fall for them.

11. When you see your cat tree for the first time:

© Blondiebabe-20 / reddit

12. “This small kitty is a thief! She stole my heart and I don’t even want it back. She can have it and anything else she wants!”


© HulaDolly / reddit

13. Little fluffball of love!

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© twiggydee / reddit

14. Little baby loves her cat tree.


© notsomanymaps / reddit

15. “Paws up!”

© ShuLayce / reddit

16. Hiding behind the boot!


© ConfusedFlareon / reddit

17. “Are the pillows huge or is my kitty just small?”

© sabrxna554 / reddit

18. Purrrfectly fluffy and furry.


© Indiah90 / reddit

19. Too small, too exhausted.

© digwer / reddit

20. 1.5 month old baby.


© fruity-vegan / reddit

After seeing these lovely and beautiful kittens, I want to adopt a kitten right away. Are you a kitten owner? If yes, comment down below and don’t forget to share their pictures with us because we are sure they will bring a smile to our faces.


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