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23 Dogs And Cats Forgetting Their Good Manners In Hilarious Ways

Every mistake is forgiven if it is done by our pets because they are just too cute.

Our pets are our lives, our beloved and we do not care about anything else when it comes to them. We will always choose our pets over anything and we will always put our pets before anything. That is how much they mean to us and I know you all pet owners agree with me, no second thoughts on this topic. We teach our pets good manners, how to eat nicely, to be obedient, not to chew on anything, where to poop and how to sleep, eat. Being the angelic little creatures they are, they do make mistakes innocently and unintentionally. so we must forgive them for it is not their fault to blame them for destroying our favorite shoes, couches, tearing books and breaking plant pots. It just happened, they were just playing. Please, do not scold them.


We have gathered images off the internet of pets doing things that are considered as ill-mannered but they are too adorable to be scolded or corrected. Keep on scrolling down to see those cute pictures for yourself…

1. What is he doing…

© G-D*** / Reddit

2. That dog in the back is probably plotting his owner’s murder.


© PenguinsOverPuffins / Reddit

3. “My cat would not let me see my cookbook to make dinner!”


© Theitalian88 5 / Reddit

4. He is begging with his eyes to take that dog off of him.


© azgaroux / Reddit

5. Not. Again.


© Partyingmanbear / Reddit

6. “My brand new footstool (that is replacing my old footstool because it was destroyed by this jerk)”


© TerrorGatorRex / Reddit

7. This cat destroys her mom’s puzzle every night when she goes to sleep. Bad, bad kitty.


© Next_Doughnut2 / Reddit

8. “Our mint plant has died cause Puppushka uses it as an after dinner breath freshener.”


© Sensitive-Ask3178 / Reddit

9. They know that sharing is caring.


© DJnoJams / Reddit

10. He looks a little too much comfortable.


© Wales51 / Reddit

11. “Google made a panorama of my cat stealing my husband’s pants out of his closet.”

© Rough-Emergency-3714 / Reddit

Ah, of course, there is a picture of a cat stealing something and I am definitely not surprised that it is a piece of clothing because that is normal behavior for cats. That is just what they love to do to pass time, that is their hobby. Stealing clothes and tearing books. Just normal cat stuff, you know. The usual. These pets are so cute and their mistakes are cuter, I can not stress this enough and they are also very lucky that their owners have not given them away to some shelters. Keep on scrolling down to see more pictures of pets forgetting what good manners are as if they were never taught them…

12. “Just your average walk…”


© jmxdf / Reddit

13. That pillow is so comfy.

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© BaconNCaffeine / Reddit

14. I want to drink coffee too, mommy.


© Pedrica1 / Reddit

15. “My Dachshund knows what’s comfortable.”

© SK_Baska / Reddit

16. Here is a picture of catfight.


© DumpMyBlues / Reddit

17. “I’ll bury myself in the cat litter.”

© oddsocks123 / Reddit

18. “Are we there yet?”


© Kaazje / Reddit

19. “To the cheese store, Jeeves, and make it snappy.”

© jmxdf / Reddit

20. “Thought the house was being broken into but it was just the tortoise wreaking havoc.”


© Dharmic_Mewtwo / Reddit

21. “Excuse me, could you help me find who ate this yogurt?”

© BigDende / Reddit

22. “Every bite you take, every lunch you make, every time you bake, every piece of steak… I’ll be watching you.”


© fibbybritches / Reddit

23. “No sense in having personal space.”

© Rstevens009 / Reddit

All of these adorable pets were super cute despite their not-so-cute bad behaviors but we will let it pass because they are so adorable! What was the worst thing your pet has done? Tell us in the comments down below…


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