Dog Tweets That Prove Dogs Are Absolutely The Best Thing That Has Happened To Mankind

Dogs and twitter go hand in hand.

Dogs, no matter where ever they exist make the world way more bearable than it needs to be. The sudden abundance of dogs on the internet has not only made it a fun place to hang out and check all the doggo memes but also a place where we can feel happiness in ways we never intended to. What we’re trying to say here is that people never get tired of the idea of adorable pets taking over the internet and giving us humans a very positive and happy outlook on life itself thanks to the existence of these wholesome little babies. Twitter being taken over by dogs is like doing Twitter a major favour. All these adorable doggo posts never go unnoticed and we aren’t moving our eyes away from it not anytime soon.


So here are some adorable twitter posts made by doggos:

1. The ultimate research.


2. Math doggo at work.



3. Such an adorable little guy.



4. It is their child, no questions about it.



5. This little boy is too precious.



6. One thing we all have to find out.



7. Plot twist: It’s a shell doggo.



8. Every single time an edible is consumed.




Have fun going through our list? All of these doggos are just adorable. Everything a doggo does needs to go online as it’s nothing but pure gold for our human hearts. Honestly speaking, dogs taking over Twitter is the best thing to happen to Twitter. Dogs have this presence where they can make even those who feel unwholly wholesome and that’s why they are so close to our hearts. Scroll down below for even more doggs.


9. One thing all the airports are missing. A necessity to be honest.



10. Holland’s hair is on point.



11. Who wouldn’t visit him?


12. And we have our day made.



Had fun going through this entire list, we promise you, dogs will fill your heart with joy and happiness no matter where ever or how down you are and we could only wish for more doggos taking over posts. There’s nothing in the universe that could make that go wrong and we believe that with all accounts. Let us know which one of these were your favourites also which one was your top pick in the comment section below. May the power of doggo wholesomeness follow you everywhere.


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