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16 Dogs Chilling On Windowsills Like They Are Cats

Dogs are one of the most lovable floofs and everything they do just makes them even more irresistible. Our doggos love being playful, excited, affectionate, and calm, all in one package! These canine friends of ours exhibit different behaviors from time and time. Sometimes the cuteness can’t be handled all at once and can be different from their usual behaviors.


Here’s an example we just explored of their distinct behavior. Dogs below unleash their inner cats and love to chill around on the windowsill whenever they feel like resting. Sitting on the windowsill is usually something observed in cats but these doggies didn’t stay back in out-leasing the property they have in common with their rivals.

1. It’s so comfy up here, I am already sleepy…

via  thepourreport via Instagram

Seems like that’s your favorite spot in the house

2. Hey human, I love to sleep here with my legs tucked underneath like this

via winstonthemeatball via Instagram

3. That butterfly is new in our garden, haven’t seen her before!

via laurr23 via Instagram

Yeah, who would know better than you little one? You’ve been keeping a close watch

4. Me and my brother, we love chilling around up here

via pepperthedachshund7a via Instagram

That’s a pretty small brother you have right there, doggo…

5. Can we make this my new door, please?

via popinpets via Instagram

Ummm, sure?

6. See, I fit in PERFECTLY!

via myfavoritemallow via Instagram

7. I get a good view of the tv from here and also of the neighbors

via popinpets via Instagram

8. Hey mom, look I don’t need to grow taller to look outside, I have a perfect view from up here

via carmelo_the_corgi via Instagram

Is that windowsill even comfortable to sit on? How do they feel so comfortable relaxing up there? That’s a serious question. Keep scrolling to find out if you’re puzzled too…

9. I have an eye on you

via  _dogtails_ via Instagram

Seems like a shot from a haunted house…

10. I like the breeze makes me sleepy

via kinglouisofqueens via Instagram

Perhaps, your new napping spot?

11. Why didn’t I try this spot before? This is my new splooting spot for sure…

via vashtidoodle via Instagram

12. I swear I wasn’t looking at the neighbor’s daisy, but she sure is beautiful…

via hettiedoodledoo via Instagram

Naughty doggo, keeping a watch on neighbor’s bitch

13. “I took the cat’s favorite spot. Sorry not sorry”

via dogcastradio via Instagram

The cat seems purr-fectly fine with it…

14. Peek a boo, I see you better from here

via panda.the.tibetan.terrier via Instagram

15. Agent sput, reporting sir! I have my eye on the area outside, sir…

via jillacowan via Instagram

Nothing bad is happening, not under his watch at least

16. I like the shiny car that just drove by, I think you should get that

via dukeandearl_ via Instagram

Thanks for the suggestion, bro!

This doggie feature was sure new to all of us I think. Dogs are curious animals and they love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. They moreover make sure to keep the house secure hereby, keeping a watch on the neighborhood — oh wait there might be a girl-dog they might also be watching!

Sitting and resting on the windowsill probably makes it easier for them to look outside and around the house, at once. No matter what the reason is, it’s something adorable to watch how they choose to Sploot with their paws often hanging down the sill.

If your dog has also chosen windowsill to be ‘its’ spot lately, do capture them hanging around there and make sure to share it with us !!


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