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18 Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Manners

Cats are the classiest pet to have. They enjoy being in their own little world where they are the royal highness and everybody else is a peasant. They throw tantrums and have an attitude. Nothing gets past this creature. On top of everything, they are extremely dramatic. They appear to be a silly furball but in reality their minds work beyond our level of understanding.


What possibly does a queen/king requires from its people? Obedience. Lots of obedience. This is exactly what a cat wants from its human(s). In doing so, cats exhibit behavior that is far away from what well behaved means. Yes, cats have no manners and here are 17 photos that will prove this. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 “This is my new potential hooman. You don’t get to command him, only I do.”


Credits: Ssdshannonmarie / imgur

My cat is in love with my boyfriend. She glares every time I try to sit next to him. He didn’t believe me, so I took a picture.

#2 Not sure who the culprit is? Hmm…


Credits: horiyukkoP / twitter

No idea who did this

#3 They are the perfect neck blanket.


Credits: lukas120 / reddit

Today, I adopted 2, 8-week-old kittens who are brothers. I originally applied for one, but I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together, so here they are.

#4 Had a take a second look at this one. The cat looks like a scarf.


Credits: Bác Sĩ Thú Cưng / facebook

#5 Cats have ultra ninja instincts.


Credits: cmdr_kaferant / reddit

Couldn’t find my cat after I went to get my pizza. I have no idea how she got up there so fast

#6 “Hooman’s working from home? Guess it’s time to take a nap on the laptop.”


Credits: PM_ME_RAREST_PEPES / reddit

Cats find the most absurd places to sleep. They have no concept of personal space whatsoever. They would do anything to get your attention and make your whole day revolve around them. If you’ve been a good hooman to them lately you would be rewarded in the form of snack that includes a freshly killed rat, insects, chicken wing from the dumpster and unexpected snuggles. Oh man, we love our cats so much that we overlook every time they mess up.

#7 “Give me attention. All your attention.”

Credits:  lajollahc / reddit

The family cat is really just my dad’s cat.

#8 Say hello to the new house help.


Credits: Miss_Behaves / reddit

Good thing Mom has Milly around to help with all the things

#9 “See, hooman? I can sit like you. It means we’re friends.”

Credits: ansel1406 / reddit

My granddad doesn’t like cats, but the cat wanted to make friends.

#10 The cat is taking a closer look at the human bathing methods.


Credits:  FJ_1729 / reddit

My cat does this whenever someone showers.

#11 “Whoa, hooman! Go easy with the water. That’s too much!”

Credits: roboticArrow / reddit

Do your cats watch you shower? Because mine do. And they have done this since they were kittens. Every shower.

#12 “That’s exactly where I should rest.”


Credits:  quackclack / reddit

Had a family mahjong game last night and my cat decided to just casually sit in the playing area.

#13 “You don’t tell me what to do!”

Credits: katyw99 / reddit

I told her off for sitting on the work surface so she did this…

#14 “Not today, hooman. You’re not working today.”


Credits:  Tasslehoff___ / reddit

#15 “In order to access the thinking chair you must tell me the password. Or else access would be denied.”

Credits: yellowsashimi / reddit

#16 It “WAS” your chair… Now it belongs to Mr cat.


Credits: Barsuk1101 / pikabu

#17 “I want to be on TV today. Hello world!”

Credits: Jeff Lyons / facebook

No matter how many manners our cats lack, we still love them anyway. Let us know if your cat does the same. We love to hear from you.


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