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40+ Times Dogs Did Hilariously Dumb Things But We Love Them Anyway

Dogs aren’t the smartest creatures.

Which is what makes life with them so much fun. Just like humans can do pretty stupid things even if they are quite intelligent, dogs are the same. However, their dumb moments are just a little bit more destructive. And usually, you will find them covered in something or eating a wall. Why they do this sort of stuff is anybody’s guess but, we wouldn’t stop them even if we could. The simple fact is that most pets are curious and they want to see everything. 


So when you bring a dog to a new place or even your home for the first time, there is a good chance they will roam around trying to explore everything. It is similar to humans getting used to a new place. Although we usually do this with caution, that doesn’t apply to dogs. This can lead them to fall into pools with regret on their faces. You can see all their shenanigans by scrolling below. So take a look for yourself.

#1 You can see the regret on his face moments before.

Via empcc

#2 ‘This white wall sure is interesting.’

Via juu-arts

#3 When you are too drunk to recognize that it is your reflection and not another person.

Via LeungGraeme9

#4 Some dogs have favorite toys, this doggo has a brick.

Via str1ngcheesetheory

#5 This doggo wanted to be a seal so he accomplished his goals.

Via ihopethiscomesoffwitty

#6 This dog somehow ended up following the cat which led him to get stuck here.

Via CallMePancake

This is why you don’t trust cats.

#7 The green is because he helped mow the loan, the other pup is not too happy about that.

Via azflat4

#8 The dog is not aware of the cat spy above him.


#9 I think this dog might be broken.

Via TheBorodaShow

#10 He will never be able to get the ball now.

Via Danmark_rages

#11 ‘If I just look hard enough, I can see something.’

Via voodoo_chile_please

#12 This puppy is quite happy after eating a pot brownie accidentally.

Via JustHavinAGoodTime

#13 When you don’t want to go outside, so you look at pictures.

Via ellle_em

#14 She is keeping watch over humans except the Captain can’t see anything now.

Via Reckoner08

#15 Who needs a room when you have a washing machine?

Via MrBragg

#16 He only wants to play with the big doggos.

Via LukasKelly757

#17 That is certainly a very beautiful gift.

Via LandPirateSarah

#18 Just as humans color their hair, dogs do this.

Via zuckerbot5356

#19 How he managed to get stuck inside that box is beyond me.

Via mrsplatypus88

#20 This doggo will one day break out of his cocoon and be able to fly.

Via irnidotnet

#21 When you eat too much and can’t get up afterwards.

Via Sunstoned1

#22 This dog thought the Roomba was an actual living being.

Via blue_collie

Even though dogs might do dumb things from time to time, they are one of the most loyal and lovable creatures around. They will try to protect you no matter what the cost is and will be alongside you for years to come. So who cares if they are trying to eat rainbows and are playing with Roombas? You might have to spend a little time cleaning them up, but it is worth it when you have a doggo to take care of you.

#23 ‘Rainbows taste like air, hooman.’

Via sunbolts

#24 ‘So how do I get out of this predicament?’

Via ItHirtsWhenIP

#25 He only wanted a bit of color in his fur and did that by playing with the freshly mowed lawn.

Via Henderp

#26 When you run into the wall.

Via cosplaymutt

#27 That neck is something else.

Via smilkcake

#28 When you don’t know the difference between a toilet and a bath.

Via Kona_Dlite

#29 ‘I think that is it for me.’

Via dgloeckler

#30 He thinks the door is closed.

Via Boy_of_fan

#31 He might have expensive beds but he prefers a brick over them.

Via teairl

#32 This pup did not see this coming.


#33 He thought he could jump over the little fence.

Via jobeee

#34 This doggo has big goals in life.

Via DiscoKarateSpock

#35 When you get scared of the furniture.

Via asdasd12345

#36 Who doesn’t want a rainbow butt?

Via youtbuddcody

#37 I bet that must hurt.

Via Dubrider

#38 His jaw is gonna be numb the next day.

Via natezim

#39 ‘You can’t see me, right?’

Via zapperdude60

#40 He should have known this would happen.

#41 ‘I was just trying to get a look at the view.’

Via markeymarkbeaty

#42 ‘Do I look pretty wearing this, hooman?’

Via Voxel__

#43 ‘I was only trying to sit on this chair but I got stuck.’

Via thelittlegoodwolf_

#44 When you get a certificate for being obedient.


What is the weirdest thing you have caught your dog doing? Comment down below and let us know.


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