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30 People Share Hilarious Process By Which Their Dogs Got Nicknames From Their Original Names

Dog Nicknames

There’s no doubt that pets are a significant part of many people’s lives, and dogs, in particular, hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Dog owners often view their pets as beloved family members and develop a deep emotional connection with them. This connection can lead to an array of funny and endearing nicknames that pet owners give their dogs.


Whether it’s because of their unique personality traits, physical appearance, or memorable experiences, dogs often end up with hilarious and affectionate nicknames. And sometimes they just make no sense. For example, a person may name their dog Abby originally, and by the time she turns 1, everyone in the house calls the dog by her nickname Milky Biscuit. Yup, you will many and even more hilarious examples like this in today’s post that we have got for you guys.

Today we will be enjoying the original-name-to-nickname spiral that exists in every household that owns a pet. The focus today will be on dogs, as you may have already guessed it by now. This one is going to be an emotional rollercoaster with both cuteness and hilarity filling your heart at the same time.

Scroll down below to enjoy some of the cutest, funniest nicknames given to dogs.

It all started when this Redditor asked the internet to share how their dog’s original name slowly turned into a nickname. The post went viral and received a lot of responses.



Via u/zh2_34pgi

This person’s dog went from Bodhi to Bunny Boy.

1. From Arwen to Lady Fartwen, this dog has a lot of names.


Via youcantbuymehotdogs

2. From Kovu to freaking Awoo-woo.


Via OktoberStorms

3. How did Fred get derived from Winnie? We will never know.


Via creativelyuncreative

4. I like the sound of Mr. Wubbington.


Via JoeBethersonton50504

5. The journey from Sampson to Mr. Moon.


Via SLOKnightfall

6. And even after having a thousand nicknames, he still recognizes his original name; Echo.


Via WrenElsewhere

7. From Sebastian to Sabu.


Via chienamoure

8. Minnie to Chicken Legs? How?!


Via cordially_yours

9. From Panko to Snug Nug. If you don’t know the transition process, you may not be able to derive a correlation between these two names.

Via peddlepop

10. He got the nickname Gus from his original name Severus thanks to a 3-year-old not being able to pronounce his name.


Via MaddMaddWorld

11. I am glad the “Fen” stuck around in every nickname.

Via kittykitty117

12. Sullivan becomes The Velvet Hippo when he exhibits the vibes of a bully.


Via Revolutionary_Tale_1

13. From Gertrude to GG to Elouise. Try figuring that one out.

Via wendyBshaw25

14. From Tony to Blockhead. The Pittie must feel disgraced.


Via Shinusaur

15. I might name my dog Floggendoggen.

Via Historical-Row-5952

Although these nickname spirals are too hilarious, I am also in awe. I mean, you call others by their nicknames because you feel a sense of affection for them. Nicknames signify belonging and you can tell how much these owners love their pets as they have given so many nicknames to just one animal. The ones I have read so far, I found the transition extremely hilarious. You could sense some form of a relation in some of them from the original name to the latest nickname but the others were just so out of the blue and random that you couldn’t help but laugh at them. What I love the most is that the pets still recognize their original names and still respond to them. This screams nothing but love.

Let’s enjoy some more original-to-nickname-spirals because I am loving it and I hope you guys are too. Scroll down below to continue!

16. This cat went from being called by his original name Charlie to his current nickname Buddy Roll.

These are the ones I am talking about. Initially, the transition makes sense but then it takes the most hilarious turn that makes zero sense.


Via jaide1410

17. Natsu and Thor are now Prelest and Tort, respectively.

Via Weirdoch

18. From Lucy to Goosers.


Via spncrmr

19. It made sense from Sasha to Sushiki…but then Chunky? And the dog is highly responsive to that nickname as well. So funny and cute.

Via BlastedPengiuns

20. Belle and her brother Beau currently have their nicknames set as Belleberta Jones and Beau’tato.


Via dwooding1

21. This dog went through a full Pokemon evaluation. I love it.

Via TapatioOnEverything

22. Haggis is now Monkeybutt for some reason.

Via arrozconfrijol

23. Goose kinda works with Lucy. Lucy Goose is a nickname we read just a few posts ago.

Via shes-wandering

24. I like the sound of Gimster.


Via drunkkkenninja

25. Jackson Daniels to Jack to JD all make sense. But then JD to Nugget to Mud Butt sounds like three different nicknames of three different dogs. I can’t with these people. So hilarious!


Via grn_eyed_bandit

26. Basically anything but Skye Bear.


Via dropdeadbarbie

27. From RIlo to Peck, this dog has had many names.


Via dogsareradical

28. I think they were potty training the dog when it got nicknamed pooper and pooper snooper.

They didn’t like puppy kitty so they brought innovation and changed it to kitty puppy.

Via gooeyjello

29. From being called Winry to just Oui.

Via DelosDelray

30. I am sure anyone who has been named Me Mi Mo hasn’t been impressed with their name.


Via Less-Elevator

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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Cat tax.

“My friend decided to adopt sisters. This is how they sleep.”


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